Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spent Fuel Rods in Unit 4 at Fukushima Pool Burning? Strong Evidence

Burning of spent fuel rods is very bad and will cause tremendous increases in radioactive fallout.

Plutonium, Uranium, Cesium, Iodine, the list goes on.

For those who think this disaster is close to being contained, I say look again.

I've been monitoring EPA's radnet. Although I know the data there are not timely, they do indicate trends.

Our beta levels are up again significantly. Though the current level does not exceed EPA's level of intervention, it does indicate we are experiencing fallout almost as high as any previously recorded here in Phoenix.

The highest beta I found in my daily monitoring of Radnet was 173 for beta and we are now back up to 134.

That means more bio-accumulation in our milk, water, and food.

In approximately 3 days or so, the additional contamination from a fire in spent fuel pool #4 would reach the US west coast

I sure hope that smoke is not a fire.

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