Friday, May 20, 2011

Fukushima Radiation Maps???

There has been considerable debate about the publicly released radiation dispersion maps. All the maps are merely extrapolations because TEPCO is unsure of, or has lied about (more likely), realistic assessments of radiation releases.

The French organization CRIIRAD demanded that more testing be conducted and the results be made public. Greenpeace has also called for more monitoring and actually sought permission to test the sea water near the plant but was denied close access and has had to test further out at sea.

Yet, the EPA cut back on testing!

Critics such as Arnie Gunderson at Fairewinds were outraged, as am I.

Thus, the debate about radiation releases rages on. The debate is even more relevant now that TEPCO is admitting that Fukushima may release more radiation than Chernobyl (check my post from yesterday for Bloomberg link)

Several weeks ago, someone hacked into one of the servers hosting the publicly released maps of radiation dispersion and found lots more, near identical maps showing much higher rates of radiation dispersion and deposition.

Bloggers claimed that the most realistic maps had been censored and replaced by innocuous fakes

Here is a recent article published at Global Cooperative that weighs in on the discussion and debate:

"May 18, 2011: This article provides further analysis of the private forecast images from Norway that show significantly higher levels of radioactive fallout than the public images ever showed. Specifically, we will look at a number of forecast images covering both Europe and Australasia, which images provide further evidence that the public forecasts from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research are completely inaccurate. Based on all the data that is currently available, the conclusion at this stage is that the obscured private images do in fact show the accurate and real forecast levels for radioactive fallout.

"Incredible deception is constantly taking place relative to the terrible and ongoing nuclear catastrophe that the whole world is currently witnessing. Based on this fact alone it is very important that we all stay highly alert and attentive to the situation. With three reactors in an uncontrolled state of meltdown, this crisis could become much, much worse at any moment. Thus, it is certainly in all of our best interests to take as many precautions now as we are able, such that we are as prepared as possible for whatever might happen next..."

"...As shown in a previous analysis of these obscured forecasts from Norway [1] the levels of xenon-133 across north America on May 7 were higher than 40,000 bq/m2 for most of the continent. Thus, the levels on the various private forecast images correlate perfectly with statements made in April by some European monitoring agencies, which said that the USA is seeing 8-10 times the levels of radioactive fallout that is being seen in Europe [2].

"This single fact makes it extremely likely that the “private” images show the real and accurate forecasts. In the left image above, the light blue “clouds” of xenon-133 covering parts of north America represent levels of around 1,000 bq/m2. Given that the levels on the US west coast are stated to be ten-fold those measured by European agencies, we should be seeing clouds of xenon-133 that are purple verging on dark blue (according to the scale on the left image) over at least some amount of Europe, yet the public forecast clearly shows no xenon-133 east of the Atlantic Ocean!

Read the full article at the link above and see the mpas there also

• “CRIIRAD Reiterates its call for mobilization worldwide to make available to the public all the analysis results of the CTBTO. These states that are opposed to this must be identified. It is, for instance, the case of France. Each citizen must know the identity of those who are blocking the vital information on the radioactive level of the air we are breathing.”

“The CRIIRAD has launched on March 23rd an international call in order to have the analyze results on the radioactivity of the air made available to the public. This call concerned most specifically the data from the international network set within the scope of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization network (TICE or CTBT).”


Here’s the site that the animated map of radiation detectors from international monitoring stations comes from:

The page is in German. This is it translated into English:|en&


EURAD cesium-137 forecast:

United States EPA "radiation map":

NILU full list of forecasts:

NILU Iodine-131 total colum (0-15,000 feet) forecast:;region=NH

NILU Iodine-131 surface concentration forecast:;region=NH

NILU Cesium-137 total colum (0-15,000 feet) forecast:;region=NH
NILU Cesium-137 surface concentration forecast:;region=NH

NILU Xenon-133 total colum (0-15,000 feet) forecast:;region=NH

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