Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Must See 5 Minute RT Video Interview with Dr. Robert Jacobs from Hiroshima Peace Institute


These are not direct quotes but are rather the gist of the interview as I interpreted his remarks:

Reactor Building #4 is in danger of collapse. It it collapses the fuel rods in the spent fuel pool will be scattered, making it too dangerous for workers to work on site

The situation is not at all contained

Unable to manage the situation, governments are working with the media to create a blackout to manage public perceptions to prevent panic


“4 reactors that are all still emitting significant amounts of radiation into the environment so this is not a situation that has been brought under control …we have ongoing leakage”

“Managing public opinion is as serious an operation as managing the crisis itself

“...it is easier to just reduce the amount of information the public has so that you can control the situation, at least from the point of view of public opinion and keep people from panicking”

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