Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fukushima's Secrets

TEPCO is now admitting that reactors began meltdown before the tsunami hit. We are getting more information about how bad the current situation really is. What we haven't been told is how much radiation and what types of radionuclides were released and continue to be released.

We have a right to know. Our government, TEPCO, and the Japanese Government are withholding information we need to make educated decisions about how to respond in our daily lives.

Below is a short excerpt from an essay by Mary Hamer, M.D., exploring what we don't know about releases and why we ought to know. Read the full article at the link

Fukushima's Secret Radionuclides

By Mary Hamer M.D

16 May, 2011

*PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to appeal to the Japanese & U.S. authorities to release information about the Fukushima radionuclides released as a result of the Major level #7 nuclear power accident that began in March 2011. (1)

 “The … claim from authorities is that 2 fission products have been emitted into the biosphere by the Fukushima event. This is most odd, given that the fission product inventory (from nuclear reactions) consists of over 250 radio-nuclides. There is more than Cesium-137 & Iodine-131 being emitted.” “The New York Times, on acquiring a confidential copy of a US NRC report on Fukushima , reported that 8 fission radio-nuclides had been identified in the environment of Japan outside of (the) Fukushima reactor (site)”. (2) What are these 8 secret Fukushima radionuclides? Specifically, what radionuclides are in the Fukushima fires & smoke, explosions, clouds (3) & the leaking nuclear reactor waters? The international community & the Japanese people have a Right to know about the Fukushima radionuclides, the radiation exposure & radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuclear accident....

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