Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fukushima Updates May 24

There is not much news this morning. I'll be out all day so I'll post updates tonight.

Radiation Safety Phillipines is reporting Cesium was found in milk from San Luis Obispo

Cesium was found also in strawberries by UC Berkeley

Cesium may be accumulating in our food chain.

E-News is reporting on a story from Bloomberg that TEPCO is confirming that reactors 2 and 3, in addition to 1, meltdown



Kyodo news is reporting that the soil contamination around Fukushima is as great as Chernobyl
Soil contamination from Fukushima crisis comparable to Chernobyl: study

I will get the full text of that story later tonight when I have time.

Comments at e-news refer to a vapor or steam release last night (our night). Lucas Whitefield Dixson has pictures here  http://news.lucaswhitefieldhixson.com/

Finally, CounterPunch has a good article on the globalization of radiation. I've excerpted a block below. Use the link to read the entire article:

"When Will Governments Act to Protect Us From Fukushima's Spreading Radiation? Fukushima Goes Global"

"To a limited extent, you can protect yourself and others against cancer from radiation.(1) But such means offer limited protection at best, and meanwhile massive amounts of irreparable damage are being caused ongoingly by the Fukushima disaster. Here are the high points of the latest disclosures and findings:

"First, there was a coverup, and that there were one or more meltdowns at the Fukishima site very early on, one of them even before the tsunami hit. Besides confirming the usual about reliability of official sources, a key conclusion to draw from that is that many reactors are even less safe than previously thought. Besides the four on the California Coast plus a number of smaller research reactors in their vicinity, all in line to be damaged by the earthquake and possible tsunami likely to happen sooner or later and possibly any time, there is at least one that was in danger of damage from the Mississippi flooding that just occurred last week.(2)

"Second, it becomes clearer all the time that we don't have to wait for one of the reactors in the U.S. to blow to create serious danger and harm...."

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