Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EPA Radnet Data Still NOT Available in Phoenix


The data for most of AZ and Southern Cal have not been available for about 4 days. And, the link above demonstrates, that the jet stream is pushing air right above our heads.

Me thinks the data are considered too high to trouble the public with.

There has been nothing but lies surrounding this Fukushima disaster. We are now learning that the units had meltdown probably even prior to the tsunami.http://mdn.mainichi.jp/mdnnews/news/20110516p2a00m0na028000c.html

TEPCO lied, the Japanese Government is Lying, and our own Government Lied because they sure as hell knew what was going on from their various methods of data collection.

Now the trio of evil is again lying about the state of the plant. The plant is unstable and is continuously emitting radiation yet our governments croon go back to sleep all is well...


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