Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Governments Lie, Japan Sacrifices its Children, and Radiation Threatens Humanity

Washington's Blog has a good article on the lies and deception that have occurred

MAJIA HERE: Japan's willingness to sacrifice its children in order to create the appearance of normality is simply reprehensible. What happens to a society that is willing to sacrifice so many of its offspring? We in the U.S. are hardly any better when you consider pesticides, radiation from coal and nuclear plants, GM crops, etc. However, this move to lift radiation risks for children is not necessary and seems to have no overt economic incentive. Please help me understand...

"Japan lifts radiation risks for kids" May 24 2011 Australian Broadcasting Corp.

"Outraged parents have held a rowdy demonstration outside Japan's education ministry in Tokyo to protest against the government's decision to weaken nuclear safety standards in schools

"Under new guidelines, Japanese children are allowed to be exposed to 20 times more radiation than was previously permissible.

"The new regulation means children can now be exposed to as much radiation as a German nuclear worker...

"According to Nobel Prize-winning group Physicians for Social Responsibility, the new limits mean exposed children now have a one-in-200 risk of getting cancer, compared with a one-in-500 risk for adults

"The decision provoked outrage from within Japan's government, with the prime minister's chief scientific adviser resigning in protest.

"The government argues the change is essential to keeping schools open in the Fukushima region.

MAJIA HERE: and this presumes that the Japanese Gov. and TEPCO are even honestly reporting on actual levels of radiation released.

Radiation Safety Philippines has an interesting article up today about new calculations of radiation released and comparisons of the radiation contamination of Fukushima with Chernobyl

An alternative and more lengthy, detailed discussion comparing radiation releases can be found here (I strongly recommend)

Think the radiation risk is only in Japan? Think again. E-News is reporting on radioactive cesium in US milk again. Read the article linked above for explanation of why this is a problem.

I want to conclude by linking again Wasserman's plea for a global response to the global threat produced by Fukushima

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