Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fukushima Updates May 15

The latest news is that 2 other reactors (2 and 3) are confirmed to have serious core damage — Indicating there are holes in bottom of vessels at No. 2 and 3

Global cooperative offers an assessment:
"Although no mainstream news source is saying it explicitly, it is obvious to all that the reactors must have entered this state of meltdown now two months ago (when the explosions were taking place), which only confirms that a multitude of poisonous radioactive isotopes have also been getting released from the crippled plant all this time. Meanwhile, hundreds of radiation forecast images continue to appear in an obscure folder of a server run by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research. These images consistently show levels of radioactive poisons in the northern hemisphere that are at least 100 times greater than the levels that the public forecasts ever showed (which public forecasts have been stopped in any case [1])."

Majia Here. What does this all mean?

The answer to that question seems to be that no one is sure.

Arnie Gunderson told us that a possibility still exists for more hydrogen explosions.

Certainly we know that the reactors and spent fuel pool #4 are emitting radiation and that radiation contamination plumes continue to spread throughout the world?

Is it possible that we will have large spikes of radiation released, as was the case in March, or are we going to be subjected to continuous lower-level emissions?

No one seems to know. I've looked everywhere for informed analyses and it seems that even trained experts such as Arnie Gunderson can only guess....

The big problem seems to be that if reactor #4 building collapses on the fuel pool the site will become too contaminated for humans to work at all.

Already workers are dying at the plant.This is a good article on the risks of low-level radiation. "Food Safety in the Post-Fukushima World by Marianne Barisonek"

As the article by Barisonek demonstrates, people who work in or live near nuclear power plants have higher cancer rates and other health problems because of their ongoing exposure to low-levels of ionizing radiation.

However, we are currently at risks beyond even those experienced by these two populations.

Radioactive contamination is accumulating in our food, fresh water, and in the sea. We are ingesting it!

Contamination bio-accumulates in the food chain. That is why the author, Barisonek, is so correct in stressing the dangers to our food supply and why we must demand much more testing.

Research conducted on the aftermath of Chernobyl found that risks from food (dairy), were particularly salient in explaining later childhood cancers, especially thyroid cancer.

It is a terrible trick of nature that particular radioactive elements such as Iodine-131 and Strontium are misinterpreted by our bodies to be non-radioactive Iodine and calcium. So, our bodies absorb the radioactive nuclides and the thus they radiate the body continuously until they decay or the body expires (perhaps from cancer).

WE MUST DEMAND MORE TESTING. Contact Lisa Jackson at the EPA and your state public health officials. Also, contact your congressional representatives. Our children or most at risk!

John Gofman’s website on radiation risk (his research is cited in the article on contamination in our food)

Criticism of the dominant model used to measure radiation risk can be found below

In sum, it seems that the deficit of news stems from this strange sort of waiting period we are in wherein we simply wait to see what happens.

The mainstream media blackout is designed to keep us from asking hard questions about the bio-accumulation of radiation in our air, food, and water. This bio-accumulation will continue but by witholding information authorities hope we will forget about it until cancer rates spike in 10 plus years.

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