Friday, November 30, 2012

Strange Sparkles on the Fukushima Webcam

The Fukushima Webcam time stamp is 12 /1 10:47

This phenomenon was brought to my attention by Chargedbarticle at Enenews here

He commented on the odd sparkles. His observations are always measured.

So I looked and saw them also.

The sparkles are accompanied with slight distortions.

One area where many sparkles originate has a slight greenish glow.

They are exceedingly difficult to capture with a screen shot.

I only succeeded in capturing one, yet they are nearly continously emerging and disappearing in an odd arc like motion.

There is precipitation or condensation in the background but the sparkles are clearly distinct from the fogginess.

Radiation levels must be high. The sparkle is in the first image, to the right of the big crane. It is absent from the second image.           

YESTERDAY looked very hot also