Friday, November 30, 2012

NukeFree: Nuke's Power Collapse

Nov 29, 2012

Nuke Power's Collapse Gets Ever More Dangerous

 [Excerpted] In the wake of this fall's election, the disintegration of America's rust bucket reactor fleet is fast approaching critical mass.

Unless our No Nukes movement can get the worst of them shut soon, Barack Obama may be very lucky to get through his second term without a major reactor disaster.

All 104 licensed US reactors were designed before 1975---a third of a century ago. All but one went on line in the 1980s or earlier.

...San Onofre Units Two and Three (Unit One died in 1996, but remains radioactive), near major earthquake faults on the coast between Los Angeles and San Diego, have been shut for more than nine months by core breakdowns in their newly refurbished steam generators. A fix could exceed a half-billion dollars. A bitter public battle now rages over shutting them both. 
The containment dome at North Florida's Crystal River was seriously damaged during "repair" efforts that could take $2 billion to correct. It will probably never reopen. 

NRC inspections of Nebraska's Fort Calhoun, damaged during recent flooding, have unearthed a wide range of structural problems that could shut it forever, and that may have been illegally covered-up. According to William Boardman, NRC documents show nearly three dozen reactors to be at risk from dam breaks.

....But our survival still depends on shutting ALL these old reactors before the next Fukushima contaminates us with far more than just radioactive fish.....

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