Wednesday, November 28, 2012



BP suspended from new US government contracts following Gulf spill settlement, EPA says. The Washington Post

Majia here: This is an AP article. It states that the US halted new contracts because of the lack of "business integrity"

There is most definitely a back story here. I'll try and track it down today.

Hat tip Markww at Enenews 

UPDATE from Bloomberg Business Week

"The action, which doesn’t affect existing contracts, will stand until BP can demonstrate it meets business standards set by the government, the EPA said. The incident killed 11 people and caused the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history, it said."  

Amey [General Counsel for Washington based Project on Government Oversight] questioned whether the government could put BP “in timeout” because it is a top federal contractor supplying petroleum products to the Pentagon.

“Let’s see how long the suspension lasts or if the military grants any waivers,” he said. 

The company received 49 percent more in defense contracts in 2011 than the No. 2 fuel supplier, San Antonio-based Valero Energy Corp. (VLO) BP won a $782 million Pentagon award for fuel in May even as it continued to face legal challenges. Full fiscal 2012 figures aren’t yet available.

“BP quite likely did more damage to the United States than any other federal contractor that I can remember, in terms of inflicting many billion dollars of environmental harm and destruction,” said Charles Tiefer, a law professor at the University of Baltimore who specializes in government contracting.


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