Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hamaoka Reactor Damaged in Seawater Accident


Hamaoka reactor likely wrecked in seawater accident Nov 21, 2012 by JIN NISHIKAWA/ Staff Writer Asahi Shimbun

[Excerpted] A restart may be impossible at one of Japan's idled nuclear reactors without substantial repairs, after an accident during a shutdown procedure last year in which hundreds of tons of seawater flooded equipment including the central pressure vessel.

Unrefined seawater contaminated sensitive appliances and subsequent inspections have found rust on many key components of the affected unit, the No. 5 reactor at the Hamaoka nuclear power plant in Shizuoka Prefecture. Damaged devices include those that regulate the rate of nuclear fission.
The incident occurred while workers were shutting down the reactor on May 14, 2011....

At the time, clean water heated to 240 degrees was circulating under high pressure between the nuclear reactor and the condenser.

An estimated 5 tons of seawater entered the reactor pressure vessel itself.

Once inside, the seawater corroded pumps and driving mechanisms, key components that insert and remove control rods as operators regulate the rate of nuclear fission. The water also corroded 40 holes in the bottom and walls of the condensate storage tank, which stores cooling water for reactor operations. Some of the holes penetrated the tank's metal lining.

Corrosion also deformed the tubes within the condenser itself....

Majia here: How many nuclear reactors in Japan were severely damaged by the 3-11 earthquake? 

See my post here for evidence I've found about reactor damage throughout Japan

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