Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Follow Widgets and Death Threats


Just a note to let you know that the "follow" widget on this blog is being discontinued by Google so you will not be receiving updates, should I post them.

Additionally, I have been increasingly harassed by a long time reader who has become violent in their death threats.

I have, of course, no way of knowing whether this person is a troll, a paid provocateur or is simply unhinged.

That said, I see that any dissent towards the death by technology agenda - whether the technology is "nuclear" or "nano" - is increasingly coded as conspiratorial with growing social/economic repercussions.

I've never seen such obvious media manipulation and such marginalization of dissenters.

It is indeed a state of exception and most of us are IN THE CAMP, rendered bare life over which we have lost sovereignty.

I will continue to post from time to time but for now I feel as if I have nothing less to say.




Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Approval & Mandatory Vaccine Mandates for SARS-CoV-2 Challenged

"Docs, Scientists Call on FDA to Delay Approval of COVID Vaccines — Data should be from completed phase III trials, not interim results, group says" by Ryan Basen, Enterprise & Investigative Writer, MedPage Today June 10, 2021 https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/exclusives/93035

...The group, led by Linda Wastila, BSPharm, MSPH, PhD, professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, includes 27 petitioners, including 16 experts outside the U.S., primarily based in Europe ... asked the FDA to hold off approval until the agency:
  • Confirms there is substantial evidence that clinical effectiveness outweighs harms among special populations
  • Requires a "thorough" safety analysis of spike proteins produced in situ after vaccine administration, including studies on spike proteins' "full biodistribution, pharmacokinetics, and tissue-specific toxicities"
  • Completes vaccine biodistribution studies "from administration site and safety implications of mRNA translation in distant tissues"
  • Comprehensively investigates all severe adverse reactions reported after vaccination
  • Examines the safety of people taking more than two doses
  • Includes gene delivery and therapy experts in its Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee
  • Enforces "stringent conflict of interest requirements to ensure individuals involved in data analysis and decision making" related to Biologics License Applications lack such conflicts with the vaccine manufacturers

I symbolically add my name to this call to delay approval after witnessing hazards deriving from the vaccine and being unpersuaded by its efficacy in preventing death against variants.

I am strongly against mandatory vaccinations against a virus that was likely engineered and whose fundamental weapon, the spike protein, is elicited by vaccines.

Researchers from the Salk Institute have demonstrated that the spike protein causes vascular damage in the absence of the rest of the virus - doi.org/10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.121.318902

Moreover, the so-called "jab" administration circulates beyond what was represented by the manufacturers with unknown but increasingly alarming "downstream" effects.

See for example https://www.medscape.com/sites/public/covid-19/vaccine-insights/how-concerned-are-you-about-vaccine-related-adverse-events

The fundamental logic of vaccination may not apply here, especially for vulnerable populations, such as YOUNG PEOPLE, who have little to no risk of dying from the virus but are increasingly at risk from blood clots and myocarditis and other life-threatening vaccine-induced complications.

See for example the FDA's recent analysis of cases of heart inflammation in young people (young men especially) and note that these are hospitalizations and subsequent verifications by the FDA, so likely merely the tip of the iceberg:

https://www.fda.gov/media/150054/download - published June 2021


I am terrified by the possibility of ANTIBODY-DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT EFFECT as I strongly believe, based on the accumulating laboratory and clinical evidence, that this risk increases with every exposure to the spike protein, whether virus or vaccine delivered. 

See for example this warning of ADE risks in vaccination: 
Ricke, Darrell and Malone, Robert W., Medical Countermeasures Analysis of 2019-nCoV and Vaccine Risks for Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) (2/27/2020). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3546070 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3546070

And the real kicker is that NO SCREENING is occurring before vaccination of people already infected and recovered from COVID-19. 

Vaccine adverse outcomes - including death - are likely worsened by previous exposure and recovery from the SARS-CoV-2 virus because of ADE.

Who knows what best practices are for managing vaccine candidacy when no impactful attention is being addressed to the issue and those individuals who raise concerns about effects shamed and/or censored?

I, like most people, want a way out of this pandemic that preserves life and liberty, including self-ownership and free expression. 

I also "follow the evidence" and have the capacity to read and understand scientific and clinical evidence. 

I am concerned about inadequate independent investigation, transparent analysis and reporting, and call for the end to coercive crisis management by the media and employers.

I believe that we all will need to make accommodations for this horrible new world unleashed by the virus and its mis-management but those accommodations should not be forcibly imposed in ways that are disproportionately hazardous for young people, whose lives should be highly valued because they are our future.

I have the right to speak as a private citizen and as an authority on risk and crisis communication.



Monday, June 14, 2021

Neverending Nuclear Nightmares

China is having a nuclear plant problem resulting in significant radiation leaks. And we know how transparent China is: 

Cohen, Z. (2021, June 14). Exclusive: US assessing reported leak at Chinese nuclear power facility. CNN. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/06/14/politics/china-nuclear-reactor-leak-us-monitoring/index.html

Updated 1720 GMT (0120 HKT) June 14, 2021

(CNN)The US government has spent the past week assessing a report of a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant, after a French company that part owns and helps operate it warned of an "imminent radiological threat," according to US officials and documents reviewed by CNN.

The warning included an accusation that the Chinese safety authority was raising the acceptable limits for radiation detection outside the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Guangdong province in order to avoid having to shut it down, according to a letter from the French company to the US Department of Energy obtained by CNN.



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