Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Althusser on Ideology, Bad Subjects and the Repressive State Apparatus


Louis Althusser described how ideology constitutes people as particular kinds of subjects by providing them identities to which they actively adopt ("work on themselves"), unless of course they are "bad subjects" who reject their ideological interpellation and thereby attract the attention of the repressive state apparatuses:

“The duplicate mirror-structure of ideology ensures simultaneously:

1.              The interpellation of ‘individuals’ as subjects.

2.              The subjection to the Subject

3.              The mutual recognition of subjects and Subject, the subject’s recognition of each other, and finally the subject’s recognition of himself.

4.              The absolute guarantee that everything really is so, and that on condition that the subjects recognize what they are and behave accordingly, everything will be all right: Amen – “So be it”.

“. . . the subjects ‘work’, they ‘work by themselves’ in the vast majority of cases, with the exception of the ‘bad subjects’ who on occasion provoke the intervention of one of the detachments of the (repressive) State apparatus” (37)


Good subjects embrace their subjectification. Bad subjects rebel.

Althusser's thoughts seem especially relevant these days as I scroll through my Twitter feed....




Thursday, December 2, 2021

This is NOT Disinformation - Lot 030B21A

Two people in my household suffered lasting injuries from the Moderna vaccine Lot 030B21A.

These injuries have been verified by multiple doctors, including specialists working at premier medical facilities.

This is not disinformation. This is empirically verified truth.

I recently discovered several different analyses of vaccine adverse events reported to VAERS and lo behold Moderna Lot 030B21A was one of the lots with significant counts of adverse events. For example: https://covid19up.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/VAERS-data-by-LOT-summary-findings_share.pdf

Certainly I need to confirm these analyses myself but their findings do explain the strange coincidence of two separate people in my household both having such significant and maiming adverse reactions.

Why would some lots be more toxic than others?

Were those lots contaminated, as discovered in Japan with the Moderna vaccine? See the account here as reported by Reuters.

Or were those lots "extra" experimental, containing some added properties that might, for example, elicit more spike proteins?

We have been told that we must pay for our medical bills and that the vaccine manufacturer has no liability. So, we are victims of contamination or medical foul play and have no recourse.

My only recourse is to share our story. It is true and it points to the lack of accountability that is ongoing.

Once upon a time I believed that our institutions were legitimate. I was so naive.