Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A New Totalitarianism



New algorithms of control will police virtual spaces and eradicate any content that challenges the established corporate and governmental order.

Personal experiences will be deleted or excised before being posted if they do not conform to the preferred Symbolic order.

Corporations will dictate your truths and politicians in their pockets will promote convenient narratives that aim to bolster their personal interests and a crumbling status quo.

One thing I learned from studying crises is that established political authorities resort to policing the Symbolic when they fail utterly in governing the Material.

And the real coup here in my opinion is the slave-like acquisence that has been so compellingly fostered among social groupings through totalitarian media control. 

Many people whom, in the past, would have challenged a corporate-dominated status quo making life and death decisions over human bodies now embrace authoritarianism, a new apartheid, and their loss of bodily liberty. They are afraid and they are malleable.

We are now chattel having lost free speech and habeas corpus.

20th century biopolitics are waning fast. Welcome to Agamben’s “camp.”

However, those individuals and groups who represent "collateral damage" will not be silenced and resistance to their erasure will be persistent. Ideology fails when the contradictions of everyday life become undeniable. And they will....