Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Compelling Documentary

As I've explained previously, the Moderna vaccine caused life threatening injuries in half my family.

Based on my personal experience and scholarly research, I strongly recommend viewing the documentary movie of the book "The Real Anthony Fauci" Free viewing from 18th October for 10 days only. Make up your own mind rather than having it made for you.

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Friday, September 9, 2022

Nuclear Catastrophe Threatens Zaporizhzhia - Humanitarian Corridor for Evacuation Needed Now

The WSJ reports that the remaining operating reactor at Zaporizhzhia will likely be shut down, which will necessitate continuous re-supplies of fuel for back-up generators. This is a catastrophic situation and all civilians within a hundred miles should be evacuated now:

Drew Hinshaw and Laurence Norman Sept. 9, 2022 Ukraine Considers Shutting Nuclear Plant After Loss of Backup Power. The Wall Street Journal, https://www.wsj.com/articles/ukraine-considers-shutting-nuclear-plant-after-loss-of-backup-power-11662747396?mod=hp_lead_pos6

After shelling destroys key electricity supply, Zaporizhzhia facility may have to rely on generators with 10 days of fuel left

...The Zaporizhzhia plant is now producing a minimal 250 megawatts, enough to monitor and sustain the temperature of its cooling ponds, to pump water through the station, to clean the air inside the plant, and to perform other basic safety functions, said Petro Kotin, interim president of Energoatom. If the last operating reactor goes down, he said, the staff will need to supply 200 tons of diesel each day to the generators. The IAEA said in a report Tuesday Ukraine had 2,250 tons of diesel fuel available for the whole site.

Procuring more would require several truckloads of fuel to cross through an active conflict area subjected to continual artillery fire, multiple times a day. “There are no such logistics,” Mr. Kotin said. “The plant is operating as an island.”

… Shutting down the plant, in the midst of an active conflict, would pose enormous and unprecedented challenges for the nuclear industry. Defunct or dormant nuclear plants still require electricity and careful maintenance by trained staff to monitor and safeguard spent nuclear fuel, among other safety operations. The plant currently suffers obstacles sourcing the spare parts and fuel that would be required....


Wednesday, September 7, 2022

How Corruption is Institutionalized in Risk Management

"As scientific knowledge becomes more closely aligned with economic and political power, new expert elites try to manipulate the unknown uncertainty in accordance with its vested interests in the name of risk management." Tosa, p. 125

Hiroyuki TOSA , “The Failed Nuclear Risk Governance: Reflections on the Boundary between Misfortune and Injustice in the case of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster”. ProtoSociology, 32/2015: Making and Un Making Modern Japan


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Excess Non-Covid Deaths: Dr. John Campbell

I really admire Dr. Campbell's rigorous analysis of pandemic-related data and strongly recommend his videos and encourage people to read the comments posted there as well:




Friday, August 26, 2022

Free Speech and Medical Authoritarianism: A Personal Narrative of Resistance and Betrayal

I am proud to have spoken against the unconstitutional and fundamentally illiberal (that is, authoritarian) vaccine mandate, the censorship of opposition and the terrifyingly fascistic propaganda campaign against the unvaxxed.

Below you will find excerpts from a letter I sent to all of my elected representatives in 2021. Another version of this letter was sent to every member of the FDA Advisory Committee on vaccines.

The damage that the vaccine mandates have done to my country - the US - will take decades to repair.

All of those journalists, political authorities, medical authorities, and academics who participated in creating an untouchable class of unvaccinated have destroyed public trust in these institutions.

The spiritual and ethical crimes committed by those who censored dissent, created stigma and divisiveness, and who favored incarcerating the non-vaccine compliant, will never be forgiven. 

I have nothing but disgust for them and (more personally) for those who showed no objections to having me fired because I could not comply with their arbitrary mandate after having an adverse reaction to the first shot. It was clear that public health was not the objective when people with adverse events from the first shot were coerced into taking more. I will never forgive.

- - - - - - - - -

August 31, 2021

Dear Governor____

I am writing to you regarding my concerns about alarming COVID-19 vaccination effects and to encourage you to maintain the statewide ban on vaccination passports. Although writing as a private citizen, I have over 27 years researching Crisis/Risk Communications....


  • Severe adverse effects are far more common than is being acknowledged. Fifty percent of my household suffered vaccine injuries and two people in our network died from COVID-19 vaccine injuries. Six physicians have documented our adverse reactions as vaccine injuries. We reported in the VAERS system. No one has contacted us despite the severity of our injuries. These injuries are not uncommon:
  • Vaccine-induced vascular damage lends support to Yuyang Lei et al.’s finding that the spike protein can cause vasculitis in the absence of the rest of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • Those who previously had Covid-19 are particularly at risk for antibody-dependent enhancement effects (See Lee et al., 2020; Ricke, 2021; Yahi, Chahinian & Fantini, 2021).
  • Exposure to spike protein reduces resistance to fungal infections (Apostolopoulou, 2020; Domínguez-Andrés et al., 2021) and may reduce resistance to subsequent exposures to spike protein elicited in vaccination or by exposure to virus.

What is going to happen to people vaccinated against COVID-19 who then contract fungal infections or experience breakthroughs and then go on to get “boosters”? The answer is already available in the empirical research. People with previous COVID-19 infections are far more likely to suffer severe side effects.

The spike proteins elicited by vaccination cause vascular damage. Each exposure to vaccine and/or virus, amplify risk. Vaccine “booster”-induced thrombosis, myocarditis, pericarditis, Bell’s Palsy, encephalitis, immune-dysregulation and other “adverse effects” are inevitable and incidents will exceed those from first two shots (see FDA 2021; Domínguez-Andrés, 2021; Sangli et al., 2021; Watad et al., 2021).

In our experience, doctors are ill-prepared to diagnose and treat these conditions, in part because they have been told repeatedly that adverse events are rare. Moreover, they do not understand the reporting system.


The vaccines’ failure to stop people from contracting and transmitting COVID-19 infection invalidates the public safety rationale for mandating vaccination and challenges risk/benefit representations:

  •  CDC’s data published by The Washington Post demonstrate the vaccines do not prevent contagion, transmission or long-Covid, especially to mutations (see “Read: Internal CDC”).
  •  The vaccinated who become infected have similar viral loads as the unvaccinated (see Bergwerk et al., 2021; Riemersma, 2021).
  •  An individual's decision to get vaccinated or not does not impact "the herd's" or population level risk of contagion (e.g., see Mishra, 2021).
  •  Acquired immunity from infection well documented (e.g., Cohen et al., 2021; Turner et al., 2021).
  •  Immune-evading variants are being linked to vaccination, not the unvaccinated (See Robertson, 2021; Soundararajan, et al., 2021).
  •  Effective therapeutics for treating Covid-19 exist, including existing off-label drugs that are inexpensive and widely available.
  •  COVID-19 Vaccines present significant health hazards, many of which are now outlined on the CDC’s own website (see also FDA, 2021; European Medicines Agency, 2021)


Since there is no evident public health mandate, the choice to vaccinate or not belongs to the individual. Presumption lies with individual bodily sovereignty. Yet, there is a concerted policy and media effort to create a vaccine apartheid and the population is being incited towards violence against the unvaccinated by the mainstream news media despite the failed mandate. 

I am shocked and horrified by this violent media propagandization and censorship of expert dissent.


Although it is critically important to ensure safe workplaces, vaccine mandates will not deliver desired security. Please continue to prevent this horrifying trajectory of forced vaccination and injury and demand investigation of adverse events logged in the VAERS system. Employer mandates and federal coercion violate the principle of choice upon which the FDA approved emergency use.




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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Organized Irresponsibility


Japan's highest court has decided the government is not responsible for the Fukushima disaster:

Mari Yamaguchi (June 17, 2022). Japan Top Court: Government Not Responsible for Fukushima Disaster. The Diplomat. https://thediplomat.com/2022/06/japan-top-court-government-not-responsible-for-fukushima-disaster/

Of course this ruling is no surprise because today governments and large organizations are legally exempt from responsibility. The zeitgeist is organized malignancy.

Crises, such as the Fukushima nuclear crisis and the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, reveal organized irresponsibilities and deceptions that serve sectional, not universal, interests.

A post I wrote in 2011 is particularly relevant for this latest example.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Former Japanese Prime Minister Kan Describes Fukushima Disaster as "Man-Made"The Yomiuri Shimbun reports on September 7 page 3:

[excerpted] "The ongoing crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant should be considered a "man-made disaster," and poor communication with the plant's operator hindered the initial government response, former Prime Minister Naoto Kan has told The Yomiuri Shimbun....

..."There in fact were various opinions [regarding the safety of the plant] before the accident, but no well-thought-out preparations were made," he said. "In that sense, the nuclear accident should be considered a man-made disaster."

Referring to the response to the accident by the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and the Cabinet Office's Nuclear Safety Commission, Kan said the two watchdogs had been "unable to foresee the possibility that all power sources could be lost" at the nuclear complex.

As a result, neither the agency nor the commission could deal effectively with the circumstances that arose after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami knocked out the plant's cooling systems, he said.

Kan said there also were problems with the flow of information from the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co...."


Ulrich Beck describes this type of man-made disaster in relation to a system of organized irresponsibility. The interview can be found here:

Here is my summary of his analysis of Fukushima as an unlimited catastrophe caused by organized irresponsibility. This type of system is characteristic of corporatacry--rule by corporations, also described as state socialism or fascism:

Ulrich Beck, a sociologist of risk, was interviewed about the Fukushima catastrophe in July of 2011. Ulrich described the Fukushima nuclear event as a “catastrophe” that “is unlimited in space, time and the social dimension. It's the new kind of risk” (Beck, 2011).

When asked how such risks are produced, Beck responded: “Risks depend on decision making. The risk depends on the process of modernization. And they're produced with technological innovations and investment.” Beck denied that the disaster could have resulted simply from unforeseeable natural catastrophes

[Beck's comments in block quote] "the decision to build an atomic industry in the area of an earthquake is a political decision; it's not done by nature. It's a political decision, which has to be justified in the public and which has been taken by parliament, by businesses and so on…. I think industries try to define it as something which has been done by nature. But they don't realize that we are living in an age where the decision making is the primary background for these kinds of catastrophes. I think it's very important to realize this because modernity, or even what you could say is the victory of modernity, produces more and more uncontrollable consequences." [end block quote]

Beck observes that with Fukushima and other modern risks stemming from human decision making “we have a system of organized irresponsibility: Nobody really is responsible for those consequences. We have a system of organized irresponsibility, and this system has to be changed.”

Beck observes, in accord with the argument made in this chapter, that the denial of responsibility—the system of organized irresponsibility—requires the populace and the state to assume costs of disasters. In this important sense, Beck points out, “And actually, this is a contradiction to capitalism and the market economy. We have the same discussion actually in relation to the banking system; it's quite similar. Actually, the banks should take care of possible crises, and maybe they should have an insurance principle as well. But they don't, so actually the state has to take it. This is socialism; this is state socialism.”

The type of system Beck is describing is not the system of capitalism fetishized by Adam Smith and described by Foucault in his account of the two liberal subjects, homo economicus and the political subject of rights. The market system that has developed eschews the competition and entrepreneurialism so valorized by economists like Joseph Schumpeter.

Rather the system described here is defined by the large entities that so dominate political decision making and processes that they are able to extract value from the rest of the populace in ways that are not simply exploitive, but life threatening.

These systems deliberately obscure responsibility. Humans are merely means, not ends, within this system. Lacking value within the calculus of decision-making, human lives are expendable.

Thus, the corporate game is to invent complicated risk-scenarios that imply that the terrible effect of the decision to devalue life itself was unpredictable, unforseen.

And so the system appears neutral and blameless and the individuals who operate in the system appear as mere appendages, devoid of the capacities of foresight and humanity.

It is through this system of organized irresponsibility that humans will guarantee their extinction.