Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Have Similar SARS-CoV-2 Viral Load


Vaccinated people are as likely to get and transmit the Delta variant as unvaccinated people, as I explained using CDC data in my post yesterday.

Here is more evidence that the vaccinated and unvaccinated have similar viral loads:

Riemersma KK. 2021. Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have similar viral loads in communities with a high prevalence of the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant, medRxiv,,

Dutta, Sanchari Sinha (2021, August 3) Unvaccinated and vaccinated have similar viral load in communities high in SARS-CoV-2 delta.Download PDF Copy

If the vaccines don't prevent you from contracting and disseminating Covid-19 and from suffering long-Covid, than there is no public health mandate for forcing them:

Read: Internal CDC document on breakthrough infections (2021, July 30): 

I stand strongly against this new war being waged. 

I've seen news headlines encouraging arresting those who resist vaccination.

I've seen news headlines declaring the unvaccinated to be unpatriotic.

I've seen news headlines that shame and denigrate people for their choices regarding a hazardous experimental vaccine for which there is no liability should you suffer myocarditis or a blood clot or neurological symptoms and that reprograms your body's innate immune system:

Domínguez-Andrés J, et al. The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses. medRxiv, 2021. doi:,

Too many people I know are happy to wage this new war against the "unclean." They are experiencing such fear and anxiety that they will do whatever they are told even if it defies logic.

This is a concerted propaganda campaign.

In my state yesterday there were less than 300 people hospitalized for Covid-19 out of more than 7 million.

This is not a pandemic statistic.

This is a concerted propaganda campaign designed to turn the population against itself in a new civil war and it is mapped on to an existing cleavage between Democrats and Republicans in my country.

For the record, I am vaccinated and a lifelong blue voter but I will not join the new eugenics in a war that is clearly being fostered for nefarious purposes.

I stand against eugenics and a new war of the races.



Monday, August 2, 2021

What is Going On? No Public Health Mandate Yet the Villification of the Unvaccinated Continues


The Covid-19 vaccines are not effective at preventing contagion and transmission of emerging variants, such as the Delta variant, and do not prevent onset of long-covid symptoms in the fully vaccinated:

Manas Mishra (2021, July 30). Most COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts outbreak among vaccinated, says CDC. Reuters.
July 30 (Reuters) - Three-quarters of people infected with COVID-19 at July public events in a town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts were fully vaccinated, a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed.
The study, published on Friday, suggested the Delta variant of the virus was highly contagious. The outbreak occurred in Provincetown on Cape Cod, according to Barnstable County health authorities. The CDC study found vaccinated individuals had a similar amount of virus presence as the unvaccinated, suggesting that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant could transmit the virus, the CDC said….

Read: Internal CDC document on breakthrough infections (2021, July 30): 

The Covid-19 vaccines are extremely hazardous. I experienced this hazardousness directly and know more people harmed by the vaccine than the virus.

Yet, despite these gross failures, the Biden administration and mainstream news media continue to push forward near-compulsory vaccination.

There is NO COMPELLING PUBLIC HEALTH REASON for mandating vaccines if the vaccinated are as contagious as the non-vaccinated. 

Moreover, since vaccination doesn't prevent long-covid (see NPR here) and because it presents life-threantening risks of blood clots, myocarditis, and neurological disease, the rationale for compelling vaccination falls apart still further. See these FDA alerts:


Vaccination should be a PERSONAL CHOICE yet it is not as employers and government agencies mandate it. See my post here:

Blaming the unvaccinated for the spread of Covid-19 is equally problematic and is fueling deep political divisions that are seen as life-or-death. Moreover, it is fundamentally untrue that the unvaccinated are solely or even primarily responsible for driving the dangerous variants:

Sally Robertson, B.Sc.Jul 6 2021 COVID-19 vaccination may be stemming evolution of “fitter” SARS-CoV-2 variants.

Soundararajan V, et al. COVID-19 vaccines dampen genomic diversity of SARS-CoV-2: Unvaccinated patients exhibit more antigenic mutational variance. medRxiv, 2021. doi:,

This scapegoating on the unvaccinated is counter to all the best practices in crisis and risk communication and is fundamentally ethically flawed.

Something very EVIL is afoot and I am deeply saddened that so many democrats have succumbed to fear and are vigorously stigmatizing and denigrating all those individuals who have concerns about a flawed vaccine enterprise proven to cause vascular damage and clots, especially among young people.

I never expected the left side of center to become fascistic in its disregard for fundamental liberal rights of personhood, but there it is before us.

Finally, if you've not read the Republicans' report on the possibility of a lab leak, I strongly recommend taking at look here:

Even the NYT is now challenging the efforts to displace attention from a potential lab leak, as illustrated in this article:

Bret Stephens (2021, July 27). Covid Misinformation Comes From the Top, Too. New York Times, 
But the larger truth — obscured until recently by fervent efforts (including by Fauci) to dismiss the lab-leak theory for the origins of the pandemic — is that the U.S. government’s scientific establishment did support gain-of-function research that deserved far more public debate than it got. Also incontrovertibly true is that beneficiaries of that funding engaged in deceptive tactics and outright mendacity to shield their research from public scrutiny while denouncing their critics as conspiracymongers.

Although I remain agnostic about place of origins, it is quite clear to me that this is not a wild-type virus we are dealing with and that vaccinating with the intent for our bodies to produce its dangerous spike proteins (see the Salk institute study here is going to be another example of technological hubris gone awry.