Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Pandemic-Era Civil Rights Violations

On August 21, 2021 I sent letters to my governor and elected officials demanding that vaccine mandates be lifted or precluded, that adverse vaccination events be investigated, and that the terrifying propaganda campaign against the unvaccinated be halted immediately.

I posted the letter on my blog a year later, August 2022:http://majiasblog.blogspot.com/2022/08/free-speech-and-medical.html Here is an excerpt:

August 31, 2021

The vaccines’ failure to stop people from contracting and transmitting COVID-19 infection invalidates the public safety rationale for mandating vaccination and challenges risk/benefit representations:


Since there is no evident public health mandate, the choice to vaccinate or not belongs to the individual. Presumption lies with individual bodily sovereignty. Yet, there is a concerted policy and media effort to create a vaccine apartheid and the population is being incited towards violence against the unvaccinated by the mainstream news media despite the failed mandate. 

I am shocked and horrified by this violent media propagandization and censorship of expert dissent.


Although it is critically important to ensure safe workplaces, vaccine mandates will not deliver desired security. Please continue to prevent this horrifying trajectory of forced vaccination and injury and demand investigation of adverse events logged in the VAERS system. Employer mandates and federal coercion violate the principle of choice upon which the FDA approved emergency use.

Three years later from sending my letter, the FDA and CDC are still recommending a medical treatment that does not stop contagion and has a high probability of adverse events, including heart inflammation. 

The courts have slowly issued rulings challenging the very definition of the mRNA technology as vaccines and mandates associated with their use, as summarized here: https://twitter.com/GodsRiddles/status/1808209075970138192  

Yet, adverse events are still being hidden, some universities still mandate these risky technologies, and there has been no truth and reconciliation regarding the civil rights violations that occurred during the pandemic, especially those violations associated with forced medical interventions and the dehumanization of an entire class of persons who resisted the forced medical interventions.

Some observers of these gross human rights violations that occurred attribute the lack of accountability to the Prep Act, which clearly needs to be revoked.

But beyond the legal facts that enabled these gross human rights violations is the ethical violation that was perpetrated using propaganda designed to incite violence or at least tolerance of violence toward dissenters.

In all truth, I knew plenty of people who would not associate with anyone who was "unvaccinated." I also knew people who would have supported transporting all vaccine resistors to FEMA concentration camps. 

I told my friend, whose parents narrowly escaped the holocaust, that the efficacy of the propaganda campaign against the unvaccinated demonstrated to me at a visceral level HOW such an atrocity as the holocaust could have been executed.

I was particularly appalled by the role of the Democrats in defining all opposition as "far right" enabling its constituents to symbolically transfer all their disdain and hate for Trump to resistors of the VAX-campaign.

It was a propaganda coup that gave rise to a new apartheid, a biopolitical hierarchy with the most vaxxed at the pinnacle and the least vaxxed cast as a new class of untouchables, as I explore in this publication here:

Nadesan, M. (2021). Technological Utopia, End Times and the SARS-CoV-2 Crisis: A Genealogy of Crisis Ideoscapes and Mediascapes. Communication +1, 8(1). https://doi.org/10.7275/x6qx-0r31. https://scholarworks.umass.edu/cpo/vol8/iss1/8/

My publication is no longer available at scholarworks, although it can be found here: https://openpublishing.library.umass.edu/cpo/article/id/63/ but is not otherwise searchable since the journal "moved to a new platform"

I'll post some of the content from my article describing censorship of adverse events and propaganda against dissenter:

... [The expert discourse of] scientific-medical katechontism articulates mRNA vaccination as the pivotal point de capiton; that is, as the major signifier securing meaning and matter against the tide of SARS-CoV-2 derangement through the establishment of a new biopolitical order, a new vaccine apartheid, that prohibitively restricts mobilities and economic opportunities....

...Algorithmic censorship of confusing and or adverse personal vaccine experiences on social media, such as heavy menstrual periods, (96) amplified concerns about vaccine induced sterilization as a component of a mass-depopulation campaign. Institutional media campaigning for vaccination as a “patriotic” act (97) disqualified the unvaccinated as good citizens, while the polarizing comment by Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, of "two Americas" (98) emerging around the dualism of vaccinated/unvaccinated was interpreted as signaling institutional war against them in online discussion forums. (99) 

Censorship of vaccine criticism by YouTube100 and targeting of dissident experts, such as occurred with the cancellation and reinstatement of the LinkedIn profile of a co-inventor of mRNA vaccines, Robert Malone, (101) who has long studied genetic vectors, (102) added credence to an eschatological counter-public narrative of the “great reset.” 

The great reset is a unifying trope representing a final war of depopulation perpetrated by elites and their
mad-scientist lackeys against the people, whom are left bare without liberal protections of self-ownership and free expression. In a bizarre temporal coincidence, the British pandemic miniseries Utopia provided the great reset lexicon, as a global elite termed “The Network” are represented as orchestrating a weaponized pandemic in order to sterilize and cull the global population. (103)

....It is a grand crisis in the making wrought by pre-existing institutional inequalities, failed and authoritarian pandemic governance and a triggering agent, the mysterious SARS-CoV-2. A zero-COVID104 narrative logic promoting virus eradication through novel technologies and strict lockdowns on material and symbolic flows has taken hold as “the one,” coding all opposition as disinformation.



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