Monday, May 16, 2011

Fukushima and Radiation in North America Update

First let me say that the radnet data for Phoenix and much of Southern California have been "under review" for 3 days now. "Under review" has emerged as a code phrase for "radiation too high to report."

Tucson's levels are up and beta is in the 80s.

I have noticed that our radiation upticks seem to coincide with poor particulate conditions in our air. The air today is not clear. I am not implying that radiation can be seen. Rather, my point is there is a correlation between air pollution and radiation upticks that I have noticed consistently.

I am not surprised that our radiation is up again given the huge releases last week at Fukushima. Please see previous posts.

The news, as I've previously reported, is that reactor 2 confirmed meltdown and there is plenty of evidence that reactor #3 is also in meltdown. Also, cesium has been found outside reactor #5 that was supposed to be in cold shutdown.

Radiation Safety Philippines blogspot is reporting today on large amounts of seawater found in yet another reactor at yet another plant in Japan

This finding seems to imply that the reactor containment was somehow breached or the cooling system has been breached. Either way the news is disturbing.

Japan Times provides some details (hat tip commentator at Radiation Safety Philippines)

"Trouble hampered cold shutdown at Hamaoka"
"SHIZUOKA — Chubu Electric Power Co. said Sunday that trouble with the cooling systems at the Hamaoka power plant prevented its No. 5 reactor from achieving a cold shutdown for about two hours but did not result in the release of radiation.

"The problem at the coastal plant in Shizuoka Prefecture was caused by seawater that leaked into a steam condenser at the reactor. The condenser is a device used to cool the steam as it comes out of the turbines and turn it back into water...."

Majia here: I really don't know what to say. What are the implications? How bad will it get? I simply do not know....

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