Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Comment on Fukushima Found at Time's Discussion of China Syndrome


This is a direct quote of the comment by someone with the user name of Tacomagroove. I have no idea if it is true or not but it certainly raises many questions and concerns:

What this means: There is a tremendous amount of nuclear fuel and no way to control the temperature of it. Even if the fission process is totally arrested, the rods will continue to produce heat by decay.
They can't keep pouring water on damaged fuel rods, every time they do the rods become more and more brittle and damaged, by a process know as annealing.

As the rods become more and more damaged, the water being pour in and leaking out is becoming more and more contaminated. Eventually the integrity of the rods will be totally destroyed , the pellets will pool together and melt and a tremendous amount of heat will be produced in an uncontrollable fission reaction. it may already be to this point.

At this point NOTHING will stop it, it will get so hot it will melt through concrete and steel as if it were warm butter.

There have been many false alarms raised on the internet when it comes to 'doom' predictions. Do not be fooled. this is not one of them. This is the worst disaster ever, of any kind, in human history.

If a consolidation of a large amount of molten fissionable material in the bottom of the fuel pools or reactor vessels, because at that point there is nothing that can be done to stop it and an explosion is inevitable. The water table is only a meter or so below ground level.

The fuel in reactors one and three are making matters beyond approachable. I fear the worst is to come within a matter of weeks... (for japan). This situation is currently a level 28.

Please keep in mind: Tepco has been very private about reactors 5 and 6's official status. They are in fact leaking amounts of ceasium and iodide, Iodide only has a (8day half life) meaning they are too reaching fission.

I would keep my eyes on the temperatures and radiation levels near and aside of these facilities... The lack of information on the status of these fuel pools is an indicator that the fuel is certain to be a site for concern. Call it a hint, on the next batch of information to be released...

This release is not localized. (meaning hot radioactive steam is sweeping the radiation deep into the planets jet stream and dispersing the plumes across the entire globe at a 13th the initial presence). Thus the radiation levels are very well indeed effecting national as well as international human health.

I’d expect that by next friday there will be roughly 1-3 more onsite deaths. (in the elderly and young). By the following week, with the data that I have secured: "I feel", its very safe to say tepco will be forced to ask the japanese pm to abandon the site. I also feel they will be denied the option.

And in roughly 3-8 weeks. the entire tepco force will be highly contaminated, and healths will deteriorate so dramatically, the japanese government will be forced to extend a plea for international intervention. The situation is quite alarming indeed.

To make matters worse, a china syndrome is absolutely damaging to restoration efforts. Once the site is leaking radiation to the level of 5 sieverts. (which indeed it has the potential, and likely will). All BETS ARE OFF. that is instant death. gas mask or not... Jumpsuit ect. Game over...

Its also worth noting that the recent admission of tepco sealing these facilities in any way is a myth, and a fluke. By creating any kind of a containment on these reactors, the radiation presently being released would accumulate past the point of human lifes integrity... The situation is truly out of control. There is no viable solution at this time...

Read more: http://ecocentric.blogs.time.com/2011/05/16/was-fukushima-a-china-syndrome/#ixzz1Md0jRoII

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