Friday, May 13, 2011

Radiation on the US West Coast???

As the news from Japan's Fukushima plant worsens, more commentators are focusing on the dangers to the US and Canada, particularly for those of us on the west coast.

Ongoing release of radiation is the norm now and will continue indefinitely. The risk for explosions continues

The danger is bio-accumulation in our food.

A story found in the British Columbian press illustrates this danger (hat tip reader at e-news):

"Rod Marining is not taking any chances. The co-founder of Greenpeace International and part-time Sunshine coast resident was trained in B.C. on radiation and its effects through Greenpeace. He is also a director and member of the committee, Better Radiation Testing in B.C.

“No radiation is safe,” he said. “Once you start dealing with radiation you’re going to see increases in cancer, birth defects … it will attack your immune system and start to wreak havoc.”

This is why Marining and his family are up in the Cariboo where they are supplied by well water.

Majia here: Few of us can escape our homes. We have jobs. Our kids are in school. Where would we go?

For these reasons we are bound to our homes. Therefore, we MUST demand more testing and more transparency about testing results from our state and federal officials.

I've called my public representatives and the state health authorities. I've written to Lisa Jackson at the EPA. Every person must become vocal and demand testing and transparent communication of results.

Pay attention to what is going on and be loud with your demands for testing and transparency.

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