Saturday, May 14, 2011

Judgment Day and Fukushima

Last night I re-watched Terminator II, Judgment Day.

Throughout the movie a thought persisted in my mind.

Now, realize I'm not a religious person so I do not regard Judgment Day within a biblical framework.

Rather, the Judgment day I was considering is one wherein human integrity is tested, collectively.

The outcome--the decision path--will judge whether we will make it--persist to exist--as a species.

There have been other Judgment days. Judgment days measuring human mettle are not so very rare.

The decision to drop the atomic bomb, the decision to "let die" peoples throughout the world, the decision to hide the true scope of disasters in the oil soaked deathlands/seas of the Niger Delta and the Gulf of Mexico--these all are the outcomes of days of judgment by humans, about humans, and their planet.

But we today face a mega judgment day because the decision course will dictate our survival or our demise.

Nuclear energy is a death course. There is too much uncertainty in the world--in our planet's movements, weather, and people--to be confident in our capacities to control its operations and contain its deadly effluents.

Yet, we--humanity--are choosing to hide the scope of the Fukushima disaster in order to stay the course of nuclear energy. We are choosing death.

The bleeding ulcer of exotic particles and deadly rays that are collectively Fukushima will slowly kill many of us. But deathly effects will be covered up and denied in order to maintain our ghastly hubris.

JUDGMENT DAY in capital letters is here. We are at its junctures. We see the paths. We have chosen death.

Our governments, our industries, our media have judged and been judged and now we face a slow and quiet Armageddon that will not be announced with mushroom clouds and city-destroying winds, but rather will quietly and insidiously maim and kill over years as the effluents and energy from nuclear power plants, and coal and gas too, sap our life energies until we are gone...

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  1. Majia, this is very sad insight, but I fear it to be true. I hope that somehow we can leverage insights like this into real action, but I don't know how, but will think on these things.

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