Friday, May 13, 2011

Fukushima Disaster UNPRECEDENTED

I have not been able to access my blog for a couple of days. So much has happened.

I am going to summarize comments made by Arnie Gunderson in his latest interview. I'm providing the link for his video at e-news because I cannot access his  website today for some reason.

Arnie Gunderson may 13 2011

Regarding the plants condition: "Unstable is an understatement"

Unit 1
#1 reactor core is uncovered.

No water in reactor and very little in containment.

Water from reactor 1 is leaking into the groundwater

Fuel is lying on floor in nuclear containment

Radiation in unit 1 is 70 rads an hour – 4 or 5 hours and your dead

Unit 2

Leaking like a sieve

Containment is leaking

Large source of contaminated water because of this leakage

100 tons of water a day for the units and much of the radioactive water is subsequently being discharged into the sea or leaking into the ground water

Unit 3

Arnie comments on the internet chatter over the weekend that smoke was coming out of unit 3—Arnie thinks it was (and continues to be) steam hitting cold water. It is highly radioactive steam but not an indication of a fire.

Temperature at top of nuclear reactor #3 is very high and pressure is very low

Water cannot exist in this situation.

No water and no steam in reactor 3.

That means there is air in there.

This presents a problem with cooling reactor 3.

Hydrogen explosion is still possible at unit 3

Spent fuel pool #3 “pictures were awful” with large pieces of concrete in pool and metal. Control rods distorted. There has been (back in March) a violent explosion in that pool Arnie claims.

High levels of iodine 131 in that pool. The iodine should be gone and its presence supports Arnie’s claim that the pool experienced criticality in March.

Arnie thus claims there was prompt moderated criticality in that pool

Unit 4

Unit 4 is leaning. Structure is obviously compromised.

Unit 4 could collapse.

Unit 4 pool would be compromised by a collapse of the building. The area could become too contaminated for people if the building collapses.

The racks appear to have retained integrity. Plutonium could not have come from pool #4 in large quantities based on the visual evidence of the pool.

However, some rods were ejected from pool back in March.

In order for nuclear fuel to be found 2 kilometers away those rods would have had to have been ejected at 900 to 1000 miles an hour. This is evidence that there was a detonation in unit 3 to cause this velocity.

SummaryAll 3 nuclear containments are leaking.

The site has sunk about a foot.

That means the concrete foundations have to be cracked.

That means radioactive water is entering ground water.

After earth quakes it is not unusual for groundwater to enter sewage

Air contamination persists at high levels 50 and 60 kilometers away.

All reactors continuing to emit radiation.

The situation is very unstable and very dangerous


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