Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fukushima: Can a Species Commit Suicide?

It seems that the answer is, unfortunately, yes.

It appears that it will be over a year and maybe years before the Fukushima disaster is brought under control. It seems it will spew radiation into the air, sea, and groundwater for months upon months upon years...

Already it is has caused more contamination in the oceans than Chernobyl.

More and more politicians and scientists are speaking up about their concerns that the situation is out of control and will take year(s) to contain

I especially recommend reading the earthfiles link.

I wonder how many people this disaster will sicken and kill?

Dr. Helen Caldicott stated there is enough plutonium at the plant to kill all humanity. Of course, that plutonium would have to be pretty well distributed...

Winds and precipitation are fickle. They are now infused with random death when blowing out of, and over, Japan. How will fickle winds distribute the clouds of death?

Will they spare some in Japan? Can some benevolent entity - God perhaps - please intercede on behalf of the loving mothers and fathers and children of Japan...

What about those of us on the U.S. west coast? Will the plutonium and other particles of illness and death randomly fall into my food or be breathed in with a simple gulp of air? Will my children be victims of fickle winds or rains that disperse death?

Will we even know how many are affected? Will our government and private health authorities manipulate statistics on cancer and birth defects in order to promote "normalcy"? I recall that public health statistics were first described as "political statistics."

Can a species commit suicide? Why yes I do believe it can....

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