Saturday, May 28, 2011

Could Fukushima Kill Millions???

I have read quite a few thoughtful posts by different individuals who say yes.

I do not know.

All I know is that the arguments I've read about how and why Fukushima might kill millions are persuasive.

Simultaneously, there appears no way to contain the reactor cores and spent fuel pools and the radiation at the plant may make it impossible for people to work there.

Yet there is no coverage by mainstream media other than an occasional relatively innocuous article at Bloomberg, WSJ, NYT, etc.

The combination of the lack of control, the lack of media coverage, and the growing radiation at the plant have me scared.

I recommend readers read this article linked here

A million deaths...?

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  1. Fukushima will probably kill millions of people. This one is clear. Plutonium is definitely not good for your health - even at a small infinitesimal dose. The basic problem is that inhalation and ingestion cannot be avoided because of the bioaccumulation in the world. Fukushima won't kill instantly those far enough but definitely will disturb the body of millions of people.

    But do not forget that there may be yet other Fukushimas to come.

    On the other hand -- hospitals can be built, physicians can be trained, treatments can be discovered, alternative sources of energy developped and better shared... and the list is probably not complete.


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