Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fukushima Update May 7

First, Radnet data for Phoenix posted today, May 7, indicate beta radiation is at 142. This level is very much above normal.

So, why has the EPA stopped additional monitoring of Fukushima radiation? The answer is because the agency does not want to panic the public and does not want hard questions to be asked about the accumulation of radiation contamination in our food.

Here is a link to a blog post that discusses this travesty (hat tip reader at E-News (

link to must-read post

The post provides a table of Cesium-137 deposition that clearly demonstrates the accumulation of this artificial (not natural) form of radiation in our environment. Here are some excerpts from the commentary:

"The cesium-137 landing all over the USA from Japan will continue to enter the food-chain over the coming months and years, inevitably leading to at least hundreds of thousands (though ultimately it will almost certainly be millions) of radiation-related cancers and deaths in the USA alone (over the next century and more).

"So, using the data from the Rhenish Institute for the Environment for dry deposition of cesium-137 on the US west coast (measured in L.A.) [4] we get the following graph for the actual deposits until the end of April (the last public release of data):

"Even a grade school student with the slightest math education can see the trend of this graph, which is clearly up (ie. consistent increases in radioactive concentrations). Using this actual data as the baseline for a projected forecast of the continuing build-up of this cancer-and-death-causing radioactive pollution, we get the following graph...[CLICK ON LINK TO SEE GRAPH)...

"So, what does the forecast show us? Well, it shows us that by July 4th the levels of radioactive cesium-137 on the ground throughout much of the western USA will be approximately double what they are now. Given that TEPCO have stated on the record that it will take them at least 6–9 months to even stop the radioactive releases [6] a mid-point in this timeframe of Christmas Day has been used for the final data point. By Christmas Day we can see that the dry deposition of radioactive cesium-137 on the US west coast (and even the western half of the USA altogether) will be approximately five times what it is already!....

"Over the course of the first few days of May there has once again been visible smoke and steam spewing out from the reactors at Fukushima [8] [9] [10] and we all know the old saying: “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” The fact that there are once again visible signs of the radioactive releases means that there are certainly significant amounts of radioactive poisons spewing out over these first days of May, which poisons will continue to land all over the northern hemisphere (and especially on the US west coast, being “next in line” from Japan, due to the fast-moving air currents across the Pacific Ocean)...."

Majia here. I recommend everyone read the entire post.

Arnie Gunderson has a new video up that also should be looked at. He describes the ongoing contamination of the water table at Fukushima as unprecedented.

On Friday I wrote a letter to Lisa Jackson, Director of the EPA, complaining about the decision to stop monitoring Fukushima radiation. I also called my senator's office complaining, John McCain. 1 person's calls are not enough. Everyone who reads this blog needs to call their representative and Lisa Jackson. Here is her email address:

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