Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fukushima #4 Building and the Typhoon / Water Contamination in #2 and #3 Rises

NHK is reporting that "Fukushima plant prepares for wind and rain"

"The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is stacking sandbags around buildings that house electrical equipment to keep heavy rain and strong winds from affecting the cooling system.
Weather authorities say heavy rain is expected around the plant from Sunday to Monday, and strong winds may blow at sea.
The giant storage barge that will be used to hold relatively low-level radioactive water has been fixed to the quay by Tokyo Electric Power Company to prepare for the thunderstorm.

Sandbags have been stacked around buildings that house electric equipment and the doors sealed to prevent water from affecting the cooling system.

A special vehicle used to inject water into the spent fuel storage pool of the Number 4 reactor has been evacuated and its 50-meter arm folded to prevent strong winds from toppling it over.

...The level of contaminated water in the tunnels and the turbine buildings of the Number 2 and 3 reactors has been rising. The utility will continue to monitor the situation to make sure that contaminated water will not overflow and run into the sea or groundwater

It is spraying a special processing agent on debris and buildings to stop radioactive materials from being washed out to sea through ditches.

MAJIA HERE: The ongoing concern has been that building #4 is listing and is in danger of collapsing. If it collapses, there is a great likelihood that the spent fuel in #4's pool will be scattered all over the grounds, which will make cooling impossible. This scenario would also make any future work at the plant difficult or even impossible.

Note that this report also mentions that the contamination of water in units 2 and 3 is rising. Cooling at these units has proceeded by continuous dumping of water. That water is contaminated since the reactor containment is breached and radioactive water is accumulating in the buildings.

There is no place left to store all the contaminated water. Plus, the radioactivity of the water is making it difficult for work to proceed in its vicinity.

Many people have speculated that the plant grounds will eventually become too contaminated for workers and for robotic equipment (which is sensitive to radiation).

We are creating a hell on earth--a place that no living being may go, a place that spreads death slowly but pervasively.


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