Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hiding Cancer Caused by Radiation By Distributing Risks???

I enjoy the blog EX-SKF. In the comment section of one of his articles, two commentators described a practice that is very telling of our governments if it is true.

One commentator, who is Japanese living in Japan, said that s/he felt the government was trying deliberately to subject the entire nation to Fukushima's effects by distributing, wide and far, the produce and other food products produced in the areas now most contaminated.

Another commentator responded to this comment stating that the Soviets employed the same practice deliberately to hide cancer clusters and birth defects from Chernobyl by ensuring that people throughout the Soviet Union would have higher disease risks, thereby making it difficult for public health authorities to correlate exposure to radiation with specific diseases and cancer incidences.

This is so utterly disturbing because it implies a pre-meditated effort to spread illness widely in order to avoid scrutiny, responsibility and accountability.

It is one thing to censor news, but it is another step entirely in my mind to deliberately sicken more of the population to "hide" the effects of poorly devised and implemented policies such as nuclear power...

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