Friday, June 29, 2012

New Cold War Trumps Democratic Push for Peace and Dismantling Nuclear

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South Korea to Sign Military Pact With Japan. By CHOE SANG-HUN June 28, 2012. The New York Times

[excerpt] SEOUL, South Korea — In a significant step toward overcoming lingering historical animosities with its former colonial master, the South Korean government has unexpectedly announced that it will sign a treaty with Japan on Friday to increase the sharing of classified military data on what analysts cite as two major common concerns: North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats and China’s growing military might....

...The accord, the General Security of Military Information Agreement, provides a legal framework for South Korea and Japan to share and protect classified and other confidential data....

...The United States has been urging the two countries to strengthen military ties....

...In the past week, the United States, Japan and South Korea conducted a joint naval exercise in the seas south and west of the Korean Peninsula....

...The political opposition and several civic groups in South Korea warned that the new military cooperation deal would only intensify regional tensions and encourage Japan’s “militaristic ambition.”  ...

MAJIA HERE: So S. Korea aligns with Japan, against China.

It seems clear to me that Japan will not shut down its nuclear plants because it will not shut down its nuclear weapons production capacity.

And the US is no doubt fully aware and supportive of this decision.

Because the new cold war pits China and Russia against the US/Japan/South Korea/Australia. Some countries, such as India and Brazil, are not clearly aligned.
The people of Japan, the US, Russia, China, South Korea, Australia etc do NOT GET TO BE CONSULTED WITH CONCERNING THEIR SUPPORT OR NOT FOR WAR

It is a shadow war being fought by proxy in developing countries, particularly in Africa, and being waged using new cyberweapons and drones.

It is also being waged on financial fronts as well. 

Thus, the Chairman of Japan's Atomic Energy Commission is quoted as saying:
"But, I do not feel the role of nuclear energy has ended. We will have to move to the next stage after deciding on the future direction of policy."
CITED IN "AEC chairman: major change needed in reprocessing nuclear fuel June 29"
(see my post here for more details

Majia here: Thus, Japan's nuclear reactors will be restarted whether the people like it or not (UNLESS THE DEMONSTRATIONS GROW EVER LARGER!)

New TEPCO leaders to push restarts of reactors in Niigata. June 29. KENTARO UECHI





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