Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Exporting Natural Gas?

Industry Tries to Ease Fracking Worry. The Wall Street Journal June 5, 2012 print ed p. 9

"The environmental group Sierra Club is already trying to block exports of natural gas because it says exports would encourage more production and lead to greater emissions" of methane.

My greatest concern over fracking is the massive use of fresh water and the potential contamination of underground aquifers.

It is simply untenable that the US would allow the destruction of a non-renewable and increasingly scarce resource - fresh water - so that gas companies can profit from exports.

This is an example of massive externalities -- destruction and depletion of fresh water -- being shifted onto the population so that a company or industry can make short term profits.

Fracking Headlines Predict A Future Without Potable Water


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  1. Natural gas is an energy and fuel source that is made up primarily of methane gas. Environmentally and economically, it is debatable just how positive and negative the use of natural gas is in a society.


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