Friday, June 22, 2012

Headline from Jan 26, 2011: If that is Stuxnet, What does Flame Really Do?

Russia says Stuxnet could have caused new Chernobyl

(Reuters) - "Russia said on Wednesday that NATO should investigate last year's computer virus attack on a Russian-built nuclear reactor in Iran, saying the incident could have triggered a nuclear disaster on the scale of Chernobyl.

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's ambassador to NATO, said the virus that hit the computer system at the Bushehr reactor had caused centrifuges to spin out of control.

"This virus, which is very toxic, very dangerous, could have very serious implications," he said, describing the virus's impact as being like explosive mines.

"These 'mines' could lead to a new Chernobyl," he said,

Majia here: The Reuters report states that Iranian "officials have confirmed" that the Stuxnet virus impacted computer systems at the Bushehr plant but did not compromise important systems.

One has to wonder what the Flame virus does to nuclear reactors given they are its target?

Common Dreams US, Israel behind Flame Virus Cyber-Attack on Iran, US Officials Confirm - Common Dreams staff June 20

[excerpted] "Flame Virus part of larger, sustained campaign of cyber-sabotage
Officials have now confirmed that the US and Israel worked together to develop the Flame computer virus that collected Iranian intelligence as part of a larger cyber attack on Iran, the Washington Post reported Tuesday. The virus, which is designed to covertly control everyday computer functions and send secrets back to its creators, was discovered by Iranian officials last month...."

Washington Post: U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say By Ellen Nakashima, Greg Miller and Julie Tate, Published: June 19 The Washington Post

Majia here: This entire shadow war exercise is apocalyptic

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