Sunday, June 10, 2012

Strongly Recommended Video on Plant Malformations in CA

I urge everyone to watch this video.

Please consider its findings in relation to my observations about the dearth of insects


  1. Hi Majia,

    Its "Kevin"

    I posted and discussed several issues with you on ENENEWS.

    I have been removed from the site since commenting on how Arnie is pro nuke and promoting his AP1000 design, a smaller nuclear reactor.

    Today ENENEWS posted the John B Wells episode on Coast last night which featured Gunderson as the first guest.

    In this interview Arnie, for the first time, openly admits that he is both pro nuclear and involved in the design of the AP1000 fourth generation reactors.

    I have made several attempts to get back on the board but have received no response from ENENEWS Admin. I have also brought to his attention that this interview with Arnie he posted on ENENEWS qualifies my assertions beyond any doubt. But still no response from Admin nor restoration of my status.

    I thought I would bring this to your attention because you did respond to my assertions about Arnie by suggesting you may have to rethink your thoughts about him.

    Anyway, I hope you are well and do keep up the great work.

    wallgrove at gmail dot com

  2. Hi Kevin

    I've tried emailing you at this email address but my email doesn't go through.

    I think bobby1 is right about "limited hangout"

  3. Hi Majia,

    Indeed, as many of us have said, Gunderson, while a great guy and all, is a company man. Sent rather than arrived. It was stunning to hear him admit that he was working on the design plan for the first nuclear plant being built in the US since TMI.

    The AP1000 is also flourishing in China, so while Arnie claims "whistlebower" status he is busy STILL working in the industry in the latest projects.

    The problem is he eclipses the real voices of alternative ways of moving forward and is paraded around as a " truth telling" insider.

    My issue is primarily that we should not be rallying around pro nuke advocates.

    Which is what I last said on ENENEWS before being removed, permanently it seems, without any explanation and for simply pointing out the obvious.

    Which brings me to ENENEWS.

    I have come to concluded that ENENEWS is peforming the same role as Gunderson, but of course in a far different way.

    This is an issue for me because we are not going to make any gains if these issues are not addressed and strategies devised for us to move forward and around these managements strategies.

    This is pivotal and runs to the very heart of what ails us. Not only with respect to Fukushima and how the cover up is going to end the lives of millions but across the board.

    Thanks again for all your work and your principled stand. ITs people like that give us hope.


    Strange about the email eh?

  4. Hey Majia,

    I've noticed plants growing like crazy around me too. Flowers blooming, trees growing. It's really been a nice spring.

    One thing everyone needs to be cautious about is to take a few growth anomalies and try to pin them on the nuke meltdown. It's really easy to fall into that unscientific trap.

    On the topic of Arnie:

    You, I and Kevin knew that Arnie was on the nuke payroll for awhile, didn't we? No surprise there - the evidence was always that he covered up the real evidence of what happened at #3.

    I've been enjoying my life much better since my departure from Enenews as well. I don't know if admin banned me or not, but when he/she decided to edit my posts it was time for me to leave. My contributions were done anyway.

    I believe the whole "#4 is about to fall" is a manufactured scare tactic by the propagandists to keep the observers from seeing where the real clear and present dangers are - if it should fall, it will simply burn like #3 SFP did before it.

    Also, remember the "radioactive floating debris" is propaganda too. As soon as the stuff lands and is not very radioactive it will give an opportunity for a huge "I told you it wasn't dangerous" report.

    In fact, I finally figured out what happened to the #4 reactor building. Remember it was such a mystery how it blew up? Remember the NRC reporting that said the fuel pool was boiled dry? Remember the building exploded the day after #3 and that was when Tepco had abandoned the site?

    Well it just hit me one day what happened. Tepco claimed that a "small fire" had occurred in some "machinery" and then we started to get pictures that indicated much more than a small fire. Remember also the official word was that there was no MOX in the spent fuel pool of R4 - but this didn't make any sense. Something got hot enough to explode and cause a big fire. That something was MOX fuel.

    But it wasn't in the spent fuel pool. It was in the other pool. The one they call the "EQUIPMENT POOL" - which is on the other side of the reactor from the spent fuel pool. Technically there was no MOX in the spent fuel pool - but there was plenty of MOX in the equipment or machinery pool. This is what was completely dry in the NRC report. This is what exploded on March 15th - and released - a whole lotta plutonium on Japan. Come to think of it, they probably had the MOX stored in the equipment pool of #3 too. No wonder the pit at the north end of #3 has been steaming for six months now....

    Well good to see you're still at it. Hey Kev.



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