Sunday, June 10, 2012

Destroying Our National Heritage

Forest lands in the East attract oil and gas bidders, but some question rush. By Juliet Eilperin, Published: June 8 The Washington Post

[Excerpted] "Oil and gas companies looking to lease swaths of U.S. Forest Service land holding the promise of shale gas deposits and other fossil fuel resources have made the Bureau of Land Management’s Eastern States Office in Springfield ground zero for a new land rush. the past year and a half, the federal government has leased or scheduled for auction more than 384,000 acres at the request of private bidders, more than 10 times as much land as it had leased in the previous two years...

...Private land overlying shale deposits can sell for thousands of dollars an acre; land in the most recent BLM forest leases averaged $47 per acre...

...bidders on Forest Service lands in the East don’t even need to provide GPS coordinates for prospective parcels; they can describe areas by referring to local landmarks or other general terms..."

MAJIA HERE: This is an outrage. Our PUBLIC national forest is being "leased" to private companies that will rape its resources and leave the public with land with contaminated aquifers

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