Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wild Story About Bt Corn

I think that some investigation needs to occur to verify the facts reported in the story linked below.

However, the story is consistent with some other findings about organ damage in animals fed GM products containing Bt

Biotech Leader Covered Up Animal Deaths From GM CornBy Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society
16 June 12

[Excerpted] "In a riveting victory against genetically modified creations, a major biotech company known as Syngenta has been criminally charged for denying knowledge that its GM Bt corn actually kills livestock....

The charges were finally issued after a long legal struggle against the mega corp initiated by a German farmer named Gottfried Gloeckner whose dairy cattle died after eating the Bt toxin and coming down with a ‘mysterious' illness.

Grown on his own farm from 1997 to 2002, the cows on the farm were all being fed exclusively on Syngenta's Bt 176 corn by the year 2000. It was around this time that the mysterious illnesses began to emerge among the cattle population. Syngenta paid Gloeckner 40,000 euros in an effort to silence the farmer, however a civil lawsuit was brought upon the company....

The case was dismissed and Gloeckner, the farmer who launched the suit, was left thousands of euros in debt. And that's not all; Gloeckner continued to lose many cows as a result of Syngenta's modified Bt corn. After halting the use of GM feed in 2002, Gloeckner attempted a full investigation with the Robert Koch Institute and Syngenta involved. The data of this investigation is still unavailable to the public, and only examined one cow. In 2009, however, the Gloeckner teamed up with a German action group known as Bündnis Aktion Gen-Klage and to ultimately bring Syngenta to the criminal court...."

[end quote]

MAJIA HERE: It sounds as if this case has not yet been decided. No doubt the farmer will lose even if the Bt corn caused his catttle to die.

In the past I reported on research finding Bt in human fetuses. Link

(Bt) Pesticides from GMO Corn Contaminating U.S. Rivers & Streams. Sunday, October 3, 2010

Many Bt crops are also Round-Up ready, meaning they are sprayed with Round-Up.

Round-up is an endocrine disruptor

The report here addresses malformations in animal embryos caused by much lower doses of round-up than used to spray crops.

Bt and Round-Up ready products may be causing considerable harm to the ecosystem and us.

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