Friday, June 8, 2012

Rumors of Explosions and Radiation Spikes in Indiana

I know the radiation network was picking up very high radiation levels in Indiana. I don't know if the levels were authenticated as accurate or were an error function.,000_Radiation_Level_At_1:20_AM_6-7-2012_Why.html

Here is the rumor.

The information in these links has not been confirmed. It is speculation. I don't have the time to investigate today but please post any authenticated information or reliable links.


  1. The booms and explosions have been going on for some time:

    The radiation readings in South Bend were from expected Fuku plumes. Radiation increased a little later in Ft Wayne, IN. This happened in Colorado a month ago too.

  2. The only one flogging this is Gucciardi. I don't know what to think.!/anthonygucciard


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