Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sojourners: Shadow Wars

by Duane Shank June 21

[Excerpted] A series of recent news stories, largely based on anonymous sources, reveals an emerging new U.S. military strategy. After more than 10 years of long, bloody ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Obama administration is turning to what one report called “shadow wars.”  

Rather than large numbers of troops on the ground, these wars involve covert intelligence and action, special forces units, cyberwar against computers, and a greatly expanded use of unmanned drones. They are undeclared, still largely secret and unaccountable....

In Pakistan and more recently in Yemen, drone strikes are moving to what are called “signature” attacks, not aimed at specific individuals but at what are considered suspicious behavior “signatures” of al-Qaeda activity based on vehicles, facilities, communications equipment and patterns of behavior.  And the president has adopted a new method of counting civilian deaths – all military-age males in the area of a strike are considered militants, unless there is posthumous evidence they were civilians....

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This is fascism.

There is no consensus building about the necessity of war.

War is a profitable enterprise for an empire that rules with a stick and through electronic manipulation, whether it be in the area of finance or whether it be through cyber weapons like Flame.

There is no due process for victims.

There is no justice only arbitrary death and endless greed.

I reject this system; it violates all legal and religious principles of right, good, and justice.

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  1. The problem is that when war is secret, there's no debate about whether it is necessary or proper or not, it just happens.

    It's the same problem with nuclear power and the Fukushima disaster.

    Since the facts are being covered up, then no public debate on the facts can occur.

    It occurs to me that our politicians seem to lose the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. They seem to be able to buy into the rhetoric:

    "Terrorists are bad, i must stop terrorists, so this country that my intelligence force tells me is associated with terrorists must be stopped".

    or "Nuclear energy is clean and good and safe - my regulatory agency surely has a handle on the safety aspects and they tell me everything is OK. My buddy who is CEO of GE says it's fine - and he has some of the best engineers in the world, so even though I don't understand a thing about it, I should follow their advice.".

    Ironically, by building secret wars, you're actually becoming a terrorist organization.



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