Thursday, June 28, 2012

Apocalypse Now

Please read Fukushima Diary's post today about a 5.6 earthquake hitting Fukushima, resulting in a large radiation spike registering at 42 microsieverts an hour. Also view the video available of the subsequent massive steam release.

Meanwhile, a variety of government and quasi and/or pseudo scientific authorities attempt to persuade the public that little plutonium was released from Fukushima, that the plant remains under control, and that ongoing radiation releases have ceased.

I really think this is some sort of alternate universe I accidentally awakened in, which is based on George Orwell's 1984.

I always thought Huxley's Brave New World offered a more insidious and effective set of control strategies, ranging from genetic engineering to soma.

Orwell's 1984 authoritarian culture depended on "newspeak" to control thought.

You can find a list of newspeak terms here:

I thought that it would be easy to penetrate newspeak.

I thought people were reflexive enough to escape the bounds of officially approved language.

And the alternative media demonstrate that indeed people are capable of escaping newspeak phrases such as:

"cold shutdown," "no immediate effects," "safe level of exposure," etc.

However, the mass of the population remains transfixed and constrained by these bonds, despite the relative ease of escape.

The question is:  Could humanity obliviously experience a slowly unfolding apocalypse?


  1. yes, sadly. yes. Humanity is, currently, largely oblivious to the unfolding apocalypse that is now happening. Fukushima spews ongoing, increasingly high levels of radioactive contamination in Japan, the Pacific Ocean, and around the world in air and ocean... The majority news and people in the world are oblivious to the increasing number of mutations of flora and fauna - and homo sapiens - are occurring worldwide. Cyclops, absence of brain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, 2 headed, the rise of chronic diseases worldwide... been going on for decades, now it is clearly accelerating.

    Sadly, it is easy to have hysteria or fear-mongering (even pettiness and the human ego) take over reason and waste valuable hours and days in the anti nuclear movement.

    The apocalypse IS slowly unfolding and we have very little time left to completely turn things around!

  2. I've said in the past, even if this is the apocalypse, none of us will be able to know - so it does no good to worry about it - which is easier said than done.

    All we have the power to do is to is to live our lives as effectively as we can, and work toward righting the wrongs we see.

    My first inclination after Fukushima was to think that if the truth were told, then the public would demand change and we would get things fixed. The fallacy in that thinking is how ingrained into the industry fabric untruth is - virtually everything you read about nuclear is "spin", and apparently has been for a long time.

    But more surprising is the government's and media's involvement in this "spinning" (lying actually).

    I've learned a lot about the methods, but also I've come to the conclusion that it's too easy for them to cut off any real debate and frame the truth tellers as crazies.

    That means other methods must be deployed to get this fixed. Some are currently working to get this issue injected into the US Presidential election debate for this fall. This is a perfectly legal and legitimate place for the debate to occur. The Oblama campaign is working very hard to keep it off the radar screen - because it will destroy them instantly if the truth gets out.

    Unfortunately, Japan looks like their method is going to be revolution - which in the end may be the only means that works.


  3. Well... if you want my two-cent... We have both:

    Orwell's 1984 AND Huxley's Brave New World. Our world is controlled by violence, be it the police or the army (see the US, both within and worldwide), AND by speech or mind control, be it by the media, the advertisement/entertainment industries or the various oligarchies.

    Can it possible, though, that David Hume was right, that nevertheless, ultimately the power lies in the hands of the governed and not those of the governments ? Indeed we are living quite historical times ("Nous vivons une époque formidable", once said the French cartoonist and activist Reiser).


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