Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cell Phones and Radiation

FCC considers whether to study cellphone radiation
 By Cecilia Kang, Published: June 15The Washington Post

[Excerpted] "The Federal Communications Commission is seeking to study whether it needs better guidelines to protect people from cellphone radiation, a question it hasn’t posed in 15 years.

During that period, mobile devices have become ubiquitous and far more powerful. Today, there are more cellphones than people in the United States.

... In May 2011, a panel of health experts organized by the World Health Organization concluded that the devices are “possibly carcinogenic.”

...“This review is long overdue and it is impossible to imagine how the FCC will be able to retain its current standards which allow 20 times more radiation to reach the head than the body as a whole [and] do not account for risks to children’s developing brains and smaller bodies,” said Renee Sharp, a senior scientist for the Environmental Working Group.

...The wireless trade group known as CTIA has sued San Francisco over an ordinance that would require retailers to disclose radiation standards to consumers. It has fought similar measures in Maine and Oregon...."

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  1. Cell phone radiation is actually how I became interested in safety issues. Like with ionizing radiation, the theoretical basis upon which the standards rest are not supportable.


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