Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reuters: "Seismologists warn Japan against nuclear restart"

Seismologists warn Japan against nuclear restart

[excerpted] TOKYO, June 26 (Reuters) - Two prominent seismologists said on Tuesday that Japan is ignoring the safety lessons of last year's Fukushima crisis and warned against restarting two reactors next month.
...Seismic modelling by Japan's nuclear regulator did not properly take into account active fault lines near the Ohi plant, Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a seismologist at Kobe University, told reporters...

"The stress tests and new safety guidelines for restarting nuclear power plants both allow for accidents at plants to occur," Ishibashi told reporters. "Instead of making standards more strict, they both represent a severe setback in safety standards."...

..."The expertise and neutrality of experts advising Japan's Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency are highly questionable," Watanabe said. (Mitsuhisa Watanabe is a tectonic geomorphology prof at Tokyo Univ)


  1. Thank you for all your efforts. Due to copyright issues, I'd like to know if it would be possible to translate your work related to Fukushima into Korean so that it may be posted on a Korean site managed by citizens concerned about radiation.

  2. I am happy to allow my blog posts here to be translated into Korean or any other language so that the data and analysis presented here might be made available to others.

    I ask only that credit be provided for my original source material and that no copyrights be made for that material.

  3. Great! I do hope Koreans get their fare share of intel too. But you know how it goes with the Nuclear crew... Here is one example of the way they want the truth to be handled:
    Eliot Brenner
    Director, Office of Public Affairs to his ¤%$@ pals....
    "We should decline comment on it. It's Japan's plan and it's a Japanese
    accident. If we ultimately get pushed into a corner and our assessment
    of the plan for the embassy gets out in the public domain, I have a
    couple of tap-dancing lines to use."
    Yeah, sure, do decline to comment or do some tap dancing you ?%$£


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