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Sociopaths Run the World and Nuclear Energy is a Cover for Their War-Mongering

APEC ministers to agree on importance of nuclear energy use: draft

[excerpt] TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Energy ministers of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum will agree at their two-day meeting from Sunday in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the importance of using nuclear energy to reduce carbon dioxide emission and to meet the growing demand for energy, a draft of the joint declaration obtained by Kyodo News showed Saturday.

The draft showed that the declaration, to be adopted Monday, will largely reflect the views of countries promoting nuclear power plants, led by Russia and the United States, while urging Japan to share the lessons it has learnt from the Fukushima crisis....

Majia Here: Here are the lessons I've learned from Fukushima.

Nuclear power exists so that countries can have access to the resources needed to make nuclear weapons. That is the number 1 reason for nuclear power.

Nuclear power was promoted by a small group of physicists in the 1940s and 1950s who believed it was possible to solve the world's energy problems with nuclear. Many of their colleagues disagreed, arguing that nuclear was not efficient and not safe as an energy source.

In the US, Governments enabled nuclear power to develop by essentially socializing most costs directly through huge incentives to corporations like GE and Westinghouse that sold the plants to public utilities.

When government subsidies waned, public utilities were often reluctant to invest in nuclear because of its costs. When utilities did adopt nuclear, they socialized the costs to utility users who had little to no choice about the source of their power.

Nuclear energy has been a huge money pit and cost overruns for nuclear plants typically came in during the 1960s and 1970s at twice expected costs.

Nuclear plants routinely leak tritium into the environment; as a beta emitter, tritium can cause biological harm to your body (see Stagner, 2011; Caldicott, 2006).

Nuclear fuel rods have to be replaced every couple of years and they are so toxic and so hot that storage has been an ongoing problem. The world has more toxic waste than can be managed safely.

Nothing is more capable of breaking DNA than ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation comes in three forms: gamma, beta, and alpha. Ingestion of a single particle that emits beta and alpha can kill you. This fact has been known since the 1940s (see Langley)

Nuclear power plant accidents, such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, emit far more alpha and beta particles than nuclear bomb explosions.

Governments today KNOW that nuclear power is inefficient, costly, and deadly.

Governments today PERSIST in nuclear power so that they can join or remain within the nuclear weapons club.

Industry leaders such as the US, Russia, France, the UK and now S. Korea, promote nuclear power so they can sell nuclear plants and exert leverage upon nations that buy these plants (in an elaborate game of chess within which people are less than pawns).

Nuclear power is GREED DRIVEN and COUNTER TO HUMAN SURVIVAL. This is the most important lesson of Fukushima.

The second most important lesson is that governments will prioritize their greed over human survival.

Fukushima is not the only nuclear plant in Japan that was damaged and emitted radiation.

The amount of radiation released already could be population threatening. Radiation is released daily into the atmosphere and ocean from the Fukushima plant.


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