Wednesday, June 13, 2012

EPA'S Enviro-Facts No Longer Allows Beta and Gamma Inquiries

I can no longer run gamma and beta charts at the EPA's envirofacts interface.

The links that previously took one to the interface page are no longer live.

I used the EPA's messaging system to ask how I could resume running charts.

Here is my message I sent to them:

The links for the data exchange server are not working:

I would be grateful if someone can explain to me how I can get in to run graphs now that this link is no longer active.


Thank you for your response to the Envirofacts Warehouse Website. Envirofacts is an EPA program undergoing continual research and enhancement, so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

The Envirofacts website ( is only a web tool that makes data from several EPA data systems available to the public via an online query format. Users specify the criteria by which multiple EPA databases are searched for environmental information. Please note that Envirofacts can only provide the information that is contained within the databases. The data retrieved through these queries are both collected and maintained by the individual program system offices.

Unfortunately your message falls outside the scope of Envirofacts. For issues concerning the CDX, we suggest contacting the CDX Help Desk at . For Radiation Program Contact Information, go to .

If you have other questions and comments concerning Envirofacts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again for your questions and concerns.

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  1. Nice response, i would expect better form of GovSpeak

    In the stock trade industry they call it a "blow off top" let's hope that vernacular doesn't apply to our Home Planet

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