Monday, June 25, 2012

Signs of Exodus?

Toyota to move Yaris North American production to France. Reuters
Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:33pm

(Excerpted) - "Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) said it will transfer its Yaris compact car production for North America to France from Japan in May next year, marking the first time the company will export cars from Europe to that market....

The move by Toyota follows plans by domestic rivals Honda Motor Co (7267.T), Nissan Motor Co (7201.T) and Mazda Motor Corp (7261.T) to open new factories in Mexico to serve North America and reduce loss-making exports from Japan...."


  1. majia - while Tepco parades every nuclear expert in Japan in front of the media to tell them that #4 is imminent to fall and it will kill off Japan - In the background #3 is burning uncontrollably.

    Yes, the signs of exodus from Japan are becoming clearer. I love how they always are careful to point out some BS reason for the shift.

    They are moving the Yaris to France to open up capacity in the US for something else.


  2. Thanks for your feedback James

    did you see the criticality event taped by Nuckelchen?

    Check out the demolition tape also. Do you think it was in "real time"?

  3. I don't watch as often as I used to. I've seen enough to know what is happening.

    I did see the video. As I mentioned on another thread, I don't think it was a "criticality event". Personally I think criticality is ongoing, and the fuel just hit water or something it was able to burn. So the pit emitted a ton of steam and/or smoke. It's been hot in that spot for over a year now.

    I don't trust much of anything on the videos anymore - since we noticed they were photoshopping them pretty regularly about 6 months ago.

    Obviously they are dismantling. The fact that there were several people up there means that it is not giving off deadly steam all the time.

    I think the steel plate they put up there a few weeks ago was simply a cover for the reactor floor so the excavator can work - I don't think they covered the SFP.

    I do now believe that the MOX in #4 was in the equipment pool, on the other side of the reactor from the SFP - and that was the source of the explosions and fire in #4. I also believe they probably had MOX in the equipment pool of #3, and that's what has burned down into the ground on the north end of #3.



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