Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fukushima Reactor 2 in the News

NHK Workers sent to check reactor suppression chambers

brief excerpt: 
"Tokyo Electric says contaminated water had accumulated to a level of 5.33 meters in the No.2 unit and to 5.43 meters in the No.3 unit.

The utility firm says the water was up to more than half the height of the donut-shaped suppression chambers, which each measure about 9 meters in diameter."

[end excerpt]

The article states that Tepco was unable to locate the source for the leaking contaminated water.

No surprise there.

Unit 2 has been visibly steaming recently, as evident on the Tepco webcam.

Unit 2 is the least damaged of the reactors 1 through 3 (according to Arnie Gunderson) and it is not typical to see it producing steam (at least, I've not seen much steam from 2 until recently).

Tepco has been injecting nitrogen into unit 2 to stop the build up of hydrogen to prevent an explosion since last summer.

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  1. Professor Koide said that unit 2 was leaking strontium-90 faster and earlier than the other reactors. There is every reason to believe that #2 is the worst of them... it had more fuel than #1, and it is unlike #3 where much of the corium blew sky-high. The corium stayed in one piece, which make it more dangerous and likely to go critical.


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