Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Very Good Blog Post Describing Nuclear Waste Problem in the US

I'm impressed by this blog. Here is the blog site and the blogger, Grant Lawrence, is citing a report on the problem of nuclear contiminated materials stored in the US.

(The report refers to it as a "legacy footprint"--make me gag!)


  1. Thanks for your kind words.


  2. The truth is starting to come out in main stream media.
    The radiation has spread much wider than gov admitted before.

    Strontium is one of the worst, it is a bone seeker, it goes into the bone and become part of the bone, never leaving, blasting away…end result is bone cancer or leukemia. This is in Yokohama

    However, even this report, is only 195 Bq/kg, which is not that huge, but if it was in food it would be way over the so called limit. IN reality only ZERO strontium is good for you.

    Keeping high amounts of calcium in the blood (eating lots of Tums daily) can help prevent strontium from getting into the bone. Strontium acts like calcium.


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