Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fukushima Children

Asia Pacific Journal: Bringing the Plight of Fukushima Children to the UN, Washington and the World
Aileen Mioko Smith with Mark Selden

Aileen Mioko Smith of Green Action Kyoto speaks with Mark Selden in New York about recent developments in Fukushima and the US tour by anti-nuclear activists from Fukushima and other parts of Japan.

“75% of Fukushima’s 300,000 children are going to schools that are so contaminated they would be radiation control areas in nuclear plants where individuals under 18 are not legally allowed. The Japanese government won’t evacuate people unless radiation levels are four times what triggered evacuation in Chernobyl,” Aileen Mioko Smith pointed out.

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How to Enjoy Radioactive Autumn in Japan in Kindergartens and Elementary Schools


250 km from Fukushima: Kindergarteners playing by soil with nearly 1 microsievert per hour during athletic event in Yokohama (VIDEO)

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