Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Decontamination Plan in Japan

NHK: Decontamination plan compiled

"...Ministry officials say decontamination will be carried out in areas where radiation levels are higher than 1 millisievert per year.

The ministry revised an earlier plan to only decontaminate places with more than 5 millisieverts per year. Municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture that have areas with less than 5 millisieverts argued they should be included in the cleanup.

The government will be responsible for the decontamination of no-entry zones and government-designated evacuation zones. Local governments will clean up the rest of the affected areas...

Government Ministry officials say the government will help prefectures that have a massive amount of radioactive waste...."

MAJIA HERE: The same problems hold as I identified previously.

Where are "local governments" going to store all of the radioactive debris?

How are they going to pay for this work?

My bet is they are going to incinerate the debris because that is  probably the easiest and cheapest solution.

This move to require local governments to clean up and dispose of radioactive debris is madness.

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