Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Geopolitics and the Silence on Fukushima

NHK: US, Japan to boost alliance


"Japan's prime minister and the US defense secretary have agreed that the 2 countries will deepen their alliance to strengthen security in the Asia-Pacific region.

...At the meeting, Noda expressed appreciation for the US military's rescue operations after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. He said it is his steadfast belief that the alliance with the United States is the basis of Japan's national security and diplomacy...."

MAJIA HERE: Japan's alliance with the US is no doubt seen as critical for hedging China, in the global game of geopolitics the US is playing.

China, India and Russia are wild cards for the US and so US foreign policy seeks to contain their influence by establishing overt US hegemony over strategic borderlands.

China has played the global game of imperialism using their financial influence rather than military might.

The US is a garrison state that relies extensively on military might to conquer and control. Japan's previous PM wasn't a totally compliant pawn but it looks as if the new one is.

for some background

Geopolitical aims in the region explain why the US is not testing any Japanese imports and has censored news about Fukushima.

Of course, there other reasons the US has censored news about Fukushima, including contamination of the US and Canadian west coasts and unwavering US support of its nuclear industry in order to have a supply chain for its nuclear weapons program.

Counterpunch recently ran an article available only to subscribers that described Obama's unprecedented (post WW II) escalation of nuclear weapons spending:

Succeeding Where Bush Failed: The Obama Administration's Nuclear Weapon Surge. Counterpunch. By Darwin Bond-Graham

[excerpted] "Obama's first term will go down in history, however, as containing one of the single largest spending increases on nuclear weapons ever. His administration has worked vigorously to commit the nation to a multi-hundred-billion-dollar reinvestment in nuclear weapons, mapped out over the next three-plus decades.At the center of Obama's ambitious nuclear agenda is the expansion of the U.S. nuclear weapons complex via a multibillion-dollar construction program.

...Also, at the center of Obama's nuclear agenda is a commitment of tens of billions of dollars to designing and building the next generation of nuclear submarines, ballistic missiles, and heavy bombers. Stockpiled nuclear warheads will receive billions more in refurbishment and new components. All of this is now underway. Completion dates for various pieces of this puzzle span the next half-century. Finally, Obama's nuclear policies have been designed to leave the door open to new weapons at some future date..."

MAJIA HERE: So, the people of Japan and the US are simply disposable bodies in a the global chess game.

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