Thursday, October 13, 2011

Radiation Contamination in Japan is GETTING WORSE, NOT BETTER

Bobby1 at Enenews Tracked Down This Story and Reported it at Enenews.

It is an important story because it demonstrates that the contamination is getting worse across time. 

Yomiuri: "5 Micro Sievert Andersen Park in Funabashi" [Chiba Prefecture] (Japanese)

Link to Translated Version (I used google translate)

Paraphrase: Civic groups found 5.82 uSv/hr."

A measurement on the morning of April 13 in the same place found 0.91 micro sievert an hour.

Majia here: The continual leakage of radioactive steam from Fukushima coupled with the incineration of radioactive debris are contaminating all of Japan (and probably all of the northern hemisphere)

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