Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Sad Story On Many Counts

The Washington Post is reporting on a sad story about two NIH study subjects who died after being contaminated with bacteria during a platelet injection. The platelets were contaminated because they were not properly stored or processed. They came from Walter Reed Medical Hopsital.

One of the physicians refused to agree (with the NIH) to keep the cause of the deaths secret, and went public.

Washinton Post: Activist group seeks investigation of NIH deaths

"The activist group Public Citizen asked the secretaries of defense and health and human services on Tuesday to investigate the deaths of two people who received platelet transfusions contaminated with bacteria at the National Institutes of Health’s research hospital this summer..."

MAJIA HERE: I don't know whether Walter Reed Hospital mishandled the platelets or where the contamination happened. I am so sorry people died.

But what the hell was the NIH doing telling scientists to keep quiet about what happened when one of their subjects died?

That smacks of the worst kind of medical experimentation and/or coverup of incompetence.

What kind of government lies about its experiments on people?

Maybe the same kind of government that lies about the massive radiation experiment being conducted on the people of Japan, Canada, the US and all of the northern hemisphere right now.

Radiation levels according to the EPA's own data are getting worse in those cities still reporting accurately. Most cities stopped reporting or have huge or significant gaps every few weeks or less in their reporting.

This on-off again fissioning in Fukushima is one huge terrible human subjects (and other kinds as well) experiment and the results are not going to be pretty no matter how many Chernobyl recovery propaganda pieces the mainstream media run.

The lies will be revealed as such when the illnesses start, and they will.

The question is will it be too late to stop Fukushima and who knows what other imperiled reactors, when people finally wake-up?

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