Monday, October 3, 2011


Mainichi: Fukushima plant crisis could erupt if water injection stops for 38 hrs

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- "Tokyo Electric Power Co. has released an estimate that says if water injection at its stricken Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant stops, its fuel rods could start melting in 38 hours, causing radioactive substances to spew out.

The utility said, however, it can resume watering at the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors in three hours at the most in case the plant is hit by another earthquake and tsunami matching the scale of the March 11 disaster that caused their core meltdowns.

The estimate said the temperature of the fuel, now believed to have solidified at the bottom of the reactors' pressure vessels, would rise about 50 C each hour and reach its melting point of 2,200 C in about 38 hours...."

MAJIA HERE: The fuel is NOT in the reactor pressure vehicles.

This continual lying is becoming very aggravating. While some fuel may be still be in reactor 2 or 3, it is clear that the pressure vessels have been breached and the fuel in reactor #1 is definitely somewhere in the basement or below.

I posted a few days ago that the radiation readings in reactor 1 were at 500 sieverts an hour

There has been considerable discussion about the hydrogen build-up at the plant in reactor 1

Reactor 1 is obviously unstable and could, it appears, blow-up again without any interruption in the water.

I wish the disinformation would stop. I am so tired of the lies. Why cannot governments realistically and objectively discuss what is known? Why cannot governments provide objective risk - assessments?

Is the truth of the situation so bad that all governments can provide are lies and misinformation?

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